The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without by Mowa Ojo

Mowa Ojo is the creator of Mo Chunks TV, an innovative talk show featuring chunks of lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and relationships. She took time out to tell us about the beauty product she cannot live without.

One of my favourite beauty products is The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Mist. I first discovered it in Summer 2017, when shopping for alternatives to the MAC Fix Plus Spray. Admittedly, I was inspired to try it out, after a makeup artist used it on me, when dolling me up for my 20th birthday dinner in October 2016. However, I was reluctant as I am a “swear by MAC” kind of girl. The products can be pricey, however, you are guaranteed quality, so you get what you pay for kind of thing.
Summer 2017, was the year adulting officially began and I was keen to save money post Uni, so as you can  imagine, I became more open minded with trying out cheaper makeup products. So I picked up a bottle, sprayed it on after my makeup, the next day and was pleasantly surprised. The glow it gave was just as good as my higher end fix plus spray and my makeup lasted all day. It also smells absolutely divine, it’s a fruity smell, which I really love.
I’ve been hooked since. I also use it on my no makeup days, to re-energise my face, making me look brighter and happier. I only have one bottle at the moment and it is literally just reaching its end of shelf life. That means this product last about eight months, and with it’s retail price at £12, it is a super catch.

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