The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without: Bola Akande


Bola Akande is a publicist who works for an international entertainment marketing agency. She has worked on for a variety of campaigns including Memphis The Musical. Bola is very active on Twitter and Instagram where she shares her witty and observant views on a variety of topics. She took time out to tell us about the beauty product she cannot live without.

The beauty product I cannot live without is Body Shop’s Coconut Body Butter. I was finding it hard to find the right body cream that would keep my body moisturised all day long (and I wouldn’t end up with dry skin by lunchtime) and my cousin recommended Body Shop’s Body Butter. I have gone through different types of body butters, starting off with Shea, Mango, Coco Butter, Almond but Coconut is now my current favourite.

I use it every day and I normally go through a tube every three weeks to a month. I use it as a face cream as well, I know I should invest in a proper face cream but it works for me. I also carry around a mini tub of it, just in case I need to freshen up. I just love the smell and normally get compliments from my colleagues and friends, plus it is not too greasy.

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