The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without - Atiti Sosimi


Atiti Sosimi is the founder of Eyato, which is a luxury accessories brand which contains shoes, handbags plus capes, cloaks, coats, stoles and wraps. The brand is aimed at successful business women who are stylish, sexy and full of attitude. When she is not working on her fabulous brand, Atiti is lecturing, mentors business owners and writing books. She is also the inventor of the Shhh or Tell it board game which covers life-like dilemma scenarios in a fun and dynamic way. She managed to take five minutes out of her busy schedule to tell me about the beauty product she cannot live without. The beauty product I cannot live without is Whal® Super Taper Hair Clippers. By a twist of fate in 2000 I started to lose my hair in clumps following an incredibly stressful episode of bullying in the workplace. Initially I just cut it short, but it wasn’t short enough; I had to shave it all off and learn to find my confidence again. For the first year of my new look, I stuck with the barber who had shaved it off the very first time. Partly because I felt comfortable with him, but also because he was based round the corner from where I lived so it was practical. Then one fine day he moved and that was it, he was gone. Having your hair done regardless of how is a very personal thing people generally become loyal and attached to one person messing with their hair/head ;-). I didn’t want to go from barber to barber so I bought myself some clippers and started shaving it myself. It’s the best thing I could ever have done for myself. It’s liberating fabulously exhilarating and practical.

I use Whal® Super Taper Hair Clippers weekly, fortnightly, whenever I feel the need to tidy it up. I have one set of clippers - well looked after it can last a few years. I keep them in my bedroom or travel bag depending on where I am. I find that I have to repurchase them every three to five years. Having my clippers ensures I can retain the versatility so integral to who I am; putting it bluntly with my clippers… I’m in control.

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