The Afro Hair & Skin Co. Perfecting Balanced Facial Oil

afro-hair-and-skin-flowThe Afro Hair & Skin Co is a small independent beauty business, which creates handmade, certified organic, natural items using cold-pressed, locally sourced ingredients. These are designed specifically to target afro textured hair in all forms, as well as skincare that addresses concerns specific to women of colour. I received FLOW - Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil; this nutrient rich oil will support, comfort and restore your skin's natural functions. It contains Blackcurrant Oil which repairs and protects your skin, Ylang Ylang Flower Oil, which stops the over-production of oil in your skin, Frankincense Oil that provides a smoother, firmer tone and Hazelnut Oil which leaves you with a wonderful glow.

I really loved this Facial Oil, I found it worked best when I started to apply it straight after using my toner, rather than layering it on top of a serum. I would wake up in the morning with glowing, soft and plump skin. On my combination skin I usually don’t apply facial oils during the day until the dead of winter, when my skin is completely parched.

However, I decided to trial this during the day under foundation (applying less than I would at night), and I have to say I was impressed, it didn’t make me any oilier than I would usually be and gave my skin a gorgeous glow. It’s recommended to use one to three pumps, I found less than two pumps more than enough for night time and no more than a pump for during the day was sufficient for my entire face and neck.

This facial oil also contains Vitamin E among other ingredients. I like that there are some oils in here that are not those typically used and new to me. This product is free from artificial colours, fragrance and synthetic ingredients and it has a nine month shelf life once opened.

The Afro Hair & Skin Co Perfecting Balanced Facial Oil is priced at £19.50.

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