TGIN Honey Miracle Deep Conditioner

TGIN aka Thank God It's Natural is a popular hair brand in the US among naturals which is now available in the UK in most hair shops and online. I received one of their most popular products: the Honey Miracle Deep Conditioner which is part of their natural hair product collection.

The Honey Miracle Deep Conditioner is formulated with raw honey and olive and jojoba oil and promises to reduce frizz, breaking and shedding and deeply moisture natural hair. It also promises to restore natural hair, soften and strengthen whilst reducing flakiness and itchy scalp.

It  has a creamy and slightly thick texture and smells very good. I was able to get a good amount of slip with this to help detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb. After letting it sit for 15 mins with a hooded dryer, I rinsed it out and it left my hair seriously soft and conditioned. My 4c hair tends to be a bit dryer in the colder months and using the conditioner actually helped soften and condition my hair.

I also felt like the benefits of the conditioner lasted through to the next wash day, especially when combined with the Green Tea Leave In. a lot of products are hyped but this condition is definitely worth it. I would definitely recommend the Honey Miracle Deep Conditioner for dry, parched hair and for 4c textures.

I can see why this product, along with the Green Tea Super Moist Leave in Conditioner (review on that coming later) are very popular from TGIN and its well-deserved. This treatment delivers on its promises and works amazingly together with the Leave in Conditioner.  Even when used on its own, the products work very well.

TGIN Honey Miracle Deep Conditioner is available to buy from Amazon, PAKS and Beauty by Zara

For more information, please visit the TGIN website