Tennis Player, Eden Silva Shares Her Wimbledon Beauty Regime

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Wimbledon kicked off last week and it’s safe to say Britain’s biggest tennis tea party is well underway. As well as marvelling over the superb skills of Serena Williams and cooing over wunderkid, Coco Gauff, we have been keeping a keen eye on the beauty looks of our favourite tennis stars.

We all know how much Serena loves her fashion but she does not neglect the beauty department either. Serena is sporting a very flattering ombre hairdo and that lady’s brows are always onfleek. Sloane Stephens might have gone out in the first week but she still managed to wow us with her sleek ponytail as did Heather Watson who opted for the same look but in a slightly messier. version As for Coco, she is also keeping it cute with her box braids.

So what exactly is the beauty regime of a top class tennis player and how do they remain immaculate while playing a game that is physically and mentally demanding?

We caught up with rising tennis star, Eden Silva who is currently competing in the last 16 and second week of Wimbledon in the mixed doubles. She spilled the beans on her beauty regime.

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On her skincare regime

My skin care routine is pretty simple when I’m competing. As tennis players we sweat a lot and it is easy for our pores to get clogged up. So after I train or play a match I shower and wash my face with water (no soap) straight away. I compete a lot in hot countries so sometimes my face peels, I like to exfoliate with a face scrub at the end of the day to get rid of all the dead skin. The only moisturiser I use on my face is Astral. I’ve been using it since I was young and I can’t live without it now. For my body I like to use Cocoa Butter, I like the way it feels and it smells great too.

On getting skincare treatments

I don’t actually use any skincare treatments. During training and competition season it’s common to sometimes get dehydrated so your skin suffers as a result. I drink lots of water and eat healthy which keeps my skin clear.

What about the ice bath method?

Sometimes I use the ice bath method - I just had one last week at Wimbledon actually. I use it when I’ve had a very tough match or training session so that my muscles recover a lot quicker and I don’t suffer the next day.

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On wearing makeup during matches

I never use makeup when I’m on court. The only thing I do is make sure my eyebrows are on fleek. Off court I use NARS Syracuse Foundation and MAC Bronzer and MAC Highlighter.

On getting manicures

I always make sure my nails are done; I get acrylic extensions with gel. At the moment here at Wimbledon I’ve got a baby blue colour. I get manicures done every two weeks. You get a lot of hard skin built up from constantly holding the racket so it’s important to keep on top of that as they can turn into blisters.

Looking after her feet

As tennis players it’s so important to look after your feet as they go through a lot of stress. I like to get a pedicure as often as possible. When I’m off court I put my sliders on so that my feet can breathe. I also get foot reflexology done regularly.

You can catch Eden in action tomorrow at Wimbledon.

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