Temple Spa Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream


Modern living is very fast paced; you can easily spend a day without a giving a thought to how you’re feeling. As a stay at home mum, I’m always busy and always on call. There is rarely a night that I have a good night’s sleep. Then I wake up looking and feeling rough. I was eager to try Temple Spa Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream because I’d never used a facial moisturiser that was specifically for night-time. Added to that, it promised a good night’s sleep. Although the cream could never make my kids sleep thought the night, I thought it could at least soothe me. On opening the box, I knew I was in for something special. I was greeted with the message, ‘Your Body is living temple. Honour it. Enjoy your life and it to the full’. What a gentle reminder to give thanks for the good health that I sometimes take for granted? Including Temple Spa’s Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream to my night-time regime helped me to unwind down, sleep well and wake up looking fabulous.

I first used the product one evening after a stressful day. I cleansed and toned with my usual organic range, and then I followed up with Repose. On another occasion, I used it when my skin was feeling dehydrated and a bit itchy due to the dryness. Following directions I massaged it into my face and neck. The cream felt and smelt luxurious. It glided on like silk and absorbed quickly. On both occasions, my skin looked well moisturised but not greasy. Its divine fragrance lasted for hours which made me feel relaxed. I awoke next morning with skin that looked luminous, no dry patches, no itchiness or sleep creases. Since then I’ve used Repose on the night before an event or if I’ve had a rough day and need to relax. Repose is not just a night cream; it can be used during the day in the following ways:

- It can be used a two hour's mask it to revive tired skin

- It can be pressed on pulse points to help relieve tension

Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream is part of Temple Spa’s Vespers range of Soul Therapy which is geared towards rest and relaxation. It comes in a 50ml jar and RRP £38. It’s suitable for any skin, male and female. The first three ingredients are: Vitamin B, Frankincense, Hops. Vitamin B is known for its anti-ageing properties1. Frankincense is used in skin care because it’s an astringent, has skin regenerative properties and balances your skin tone. Hops is used to care for dry and distressed skin. Depending on how you use it, you will have it for at least one a month. I used mine as an extra special skin treat once a week over a month; therefore, I have more than half a jar left. Based on the quality of the product and its effectiveness I would recommend this product. It is aromatherapy and skincare in one - what’s not to like…

Temple Spa is an English company; however the principles behind its product ingredients and style inspiration are Mediterranean. The idea for the brand was born while the founders were in the region. They were motivated by culture, healthy cuisine and the natural beauty of the landscape. Temple Spa’s philosophy, products and branding took shape.

To find more about Temple Spa, their Vespers range, spa treatments and more, please visit their website.