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There has been a lot of coverage about sun protection over the last week or so with a big question about SPF and whether it is giving us enough protection. Plus there is the whole myth that men and women of colour do not need sun protection. Yesterday on #BBT, Ultrasun hosted the discussion and gave us some vital tips on how to prepare for the sun and here is some of the topics they covered. Why do we need people of colour sun protection? It may seem deceptive but all skin types become less and less able to protect themselves the more time you spend out of the sun. A sunny day arrives, even UK sun, and it really can impact on the condition of the skin and incremental damage.  Similarly, travelling somewhere hot from a colder climate makes skin very sun sensitive.  Whilst you'll need a lower protection choice than fairer skin, still aim for an SPF of 20 and importantly check for a good level of UVA protection. EU minimum is set currently at a 33% minimum UVA filter in sun protection products against the Australian UVA filter minimum requirement of 90%. Ultrasun products, in addition to the SPF (UVB filter measurement) number illustrated on each of the products in the range, all contain higher than required UVA filters.

What exactly is SPF and why do we need it? Also can you explain the rating system? SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The SPF rating system was developed back in 1962 by Franz Greiter to measure the capacity of a sunscreen to block UVB radiation. The current SPF rating system applies to UVB rays only, since those are the rays that cause sunburn. The Sun-protection factor system measures the length of time a sunscreen will protect your skin from reddening/burning from UVB rays, compared to how long your skin would take to redden/ burn without sunscreen protection. Let’s say it takes about 20 minutes without sunscreen for your skin to become reddish and start to burn, theoretically by using a sunscreen with an SPF-15 it should prevent the reddening/burning of the skin 15 times longer - about five hours. In Europe, Sunscreen manufactures are limited to claiming a Sun Protection Factor of 50+.

What should we look for when buying sun protection products? Always look for UVA protection as well as UVB (SPF). UVA rays penetrate so deeply into the skin doing cell level damage. Try to avoid fragrance, preservatives and oils as these can upset sensitive skins especially when you are exposing to UV rays and your skin has enough to cope with. Remember it may be a holiday for you, but it is your skin's most traumatic time!. All Ultrasun products are hypoallergenic with no emulsifiers, perfume or parabens, making it great for kids and sensitive skin. They also prevent the onset of sun allergies or prickly heat whilst allowing a natural tan.

Are you able to explain the UVA and UVB ratings saga that broke a few weeks ago? At Ultrasun we work very hard on supporting you to be aware of the damage the sun can do and ensuring you and your family are protected from both UVA and UVB rays. Our products exceed EU guidelines on UVA protection giving higher than required UVA protection across all our formulations. These guidelines can be found here. The star rating system is a Boots initiative for products sold in Boots stores. products are tested by Boots laboratories for this rating. Our products are not sold in Boots stores.

How long do sun protection products last for? Check your product for shelf life. How long a sun cream lasts isn’t just about value, it’s about effectiveness. Selecting products that last more than the average six to 12 months not only means you can potentially pack it twice, but that the ingredients still do their job long after opening. Ultrasun products have a shelf life once opened of two years allowing for multi-use and “cocktailing” different products for different body parts, home and away.

Tell us about Ultrasun and the concept behind the brand. Ultrasun was originally founded by Tazio Tettamanti in 1995, a Swiss chemist whose brother had been a victim of skin cancer. He was determined to make a difference by combining his own life experience with his brilliant expertise as a chemist. We all know the health risks of the sun but so many people choose not to protect, and we had to find a way to make that crucial choice easier for them. That was the inspiration, and it remains the ethos and driving force behind the Ultrasun brand today.

How many products do you Ultrasun have? From launching with just one product the Sports Gel SPF20 we’re very pleased to have extensively developed the range that now offers SPORTS, SENSITIVE, FACE, GLIMMER and EXTRA CARE options. Our on-going investment in the development of sun protection formulas means we never comprising on quality and efficacy whilst providing sun care for everyone.

What are the plans for Ultrasun? This year we’ve launched another first in the Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask, and we continue to work in the laboratories with the latest research and ingredients to support skin in and out of the sun. From a market perspective, we work with like-minded retail partners to give the best service and availability of our product range. We offer a variety of sizes including trial friendly, making it easy for everyone to try the formulas, this includes children’s centres, schools and health awareness initiatives. Education is a core brand value. We see the brand continuing to protect the nation’s skin and helping people to make the right decisions for themselves and their families.

For more information about Ultrasun, please visit their website.

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