Talika Eye Detox Specific Olive to Dark Skin


First of all, well done Talika for recognising that dealing with dark circles in fair skin and olive to dark skins would benefit from being treated differently. The beauty industry always try to distill women into one person so it is great to see different needs being acknowledged. Talika have based their Eye Detox Specific Olive to Dark Skin on ‘detox technology’ (what does that does that even mean?) This means anti dark circles, anti eye bags and eye contour specific. There have been clinical trials which demonstrate that the product works against the factors listed above – although the test group was very small. The results show that the niacin (B3) in the product was effective on both dark circles and eye bags. The product itself is dispensed through a rollerball that is on a short plastic arm. It looks a bit like an alien eye to me. You have to depress the bottom of the arm to get the product out so this means that you don’t have lots of product lolling around the rollerball which I like. The ball is always cold which is beautifully soothing on the eye and it fits the contour of the eye perfectly. I like to roll the ball under my eye to get the cooling effect and then using my ring finger pat any excess product into the skin.

The Eye Detox definitely works on puffiness, as someone that spends a lot of time looking at a computer screen, puffiness is something I suffer with so this definitely helped. The dark circles I cant be so definitive about. There is a soft focus powder in the product to help blur lines which would no doubt have an effect on the perceived depth of the darkness too. It is notoriously difficult for topically applied products to have an effect on dark circles, which can be hereditary, and increase with age.

Talika Eye Detox retails for £34 so there are many more affordable alternatives on the market. If you are looking for a product to completely eradicate dark circles this is not it, but it you are looking for a general improvement in the eye area, the Talika Eye Detox might work for you.

For more information, please visit their website.