Summer of Sport


The World Cup starts next week and it will kick off what will be a spectacular summer of sport. Sport lovers will be treated to Wimbledon, the Commonwealth Games and the European Athletics Championships. This means national pride will take place in the form of flags, t-shirts and hats. Beauty lovers will be able to join in the celebrations by sporting manicures, tattoos and indulging in national themed skincare. Skincare You can start your day with a tropical feel by using South American themed skincare.

Radox Brazilian Fusion Shower Gel is designed to revitalise and energise your body and senses, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to embrace and enjoy World Cup Brazilian fever.

If you fancy something a bit more indulgent then Caju & Lime Collection by Molton Brown will be a good fit. The collection consists of a Body Wash and Nourishing Body Lotion and is inspired by Brazil’s most fashionable cocktail, the Caipirinha. The products convey Brazil's character, culture and vibrancy which has been captured into one collection.

L'Occitane Au Bresil is a new beauty collection of fragrance, body and sun care. The ensemble is created from two plants; JENIPAPO, a citrus tree from the Cerrado region that seeks the sun and soaks up its energy and VITÓRIA RÉGIA, a water lily from the Amazon that falls asleep at dawn and blooms when night falls.

Then there is STEAMCREAM which has been dubbed the miracle moisturiser because of its amazing healing properties. It contains pure and calming essential oils that nourishes your skin’s surface whilst the natural antiseptic properties help to banish redness and prevent oiliness. STEAMCREAM is an all-in one natural moisturiser that is suitable for all skin-types - even the most sensitive ones. They have released a Limited Edition World Cup gift set to celebrate the World Cup. The two tins ‘Bibi’ and ‘Pippa’ are decorated with a combination of colours and patterns including a union jack on one tin and the Brazilan flag on another.

Makeup You don't have to be in Brazil to get into the the football fever, a few makeup brands have launched some fantastic products that will help you to get that Capacobana feel.

Clarins have released The Colours of Brazil which is a makeup collection that takes you on a journey to the South American destination. It consists of a Summer Bronzing Compact, Lip Balm Crayon, Quartet & Eye Liner Palette and a Truly Waterproof Mascara. You are rewarded with a harmony of rich gold and bronze to reflect the sandy beaches of Brazil with a splash of bright blue and coral mirroring the colours of the sea.

Then there is Life in Rio by Kiko which is inspired by the colourful streets of Brazil's most famous city. This stunning collection showcases vibrant colours with the South American flair and elegance. On offer is a bronzer, blush, foundation, BB Cream, Body Oil, Eyeshadow, Lipsticks, Eyeliner and Nail Polish.

Nails Talking of nails, this is truly where art meets sports. Think back to the Olympics and the wonderful display of female athletes rocking manicures with their country's flag colours.

Now you can achieve this by using this tutorial by Sophy Robson called Go Britain where she has created a winning Brit-inspired nail look using polishes by Max Factor. You can look glam while cheering on the British athletes during the Commonwealth Games and European Championships.

A trend for this summer is the Ring Finger Manicure where you have the one nail as a statement. This is created by simply painting nine of your nails in one shade, and your ring finger in another colour. The ring finger manicure is a popular little twist on nail art, for those not quite brave enough to go the whole hog, but still want to make a statement.

Whether you are into sports you can rest assured that you will have a beautiful summer.