Sukin Natural Deodorant


With lots of theories out there about how the toxic chemicals in some deodorants could cause cancer I do worry a lot when I apply regular deodorant. On the other hand, who wants to go around with smelly armpits? Not me thanks. Aside from erb Up in Arms, I am yet to find a product that is kind to your armpits yet does the trick. Enter Sukin Natural Deodorant which is aluminium free and paraben free. It works to eliminates the bacteria that causes odour without using harsh ingredients. This deodorant contains a refreshing and delicate blend of tangerine, mandarin and lavender oils to scent. It comes in a bottle which you can spray onto your body and under arms but I preferred to squirt it into a cotton wool ball and apply to my armpits. It is cool and refreshing and the smell is pleasant and not at all overpowering. It can also work as a body spray. I used this product for over a month and it made a really lovely change from my typical deodorant. The staying power is around four hours and you will need another squirt halfway through the day and luckily the bottle is a handy size that you can throw into your bag. The only downsize is that the dispenser stopped working so instead of squirting I had to pour the content directly onto the cotton wool. Still these are minor things and overall Sukin's Natural Deodorant is a great product that is a great price.

Sukin Natural Deodorant is priced at £8.12.

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