Step Into Summer Tips by Dr Murad


So now you have the right tools in your summer beauty arsenal and you’ve sloughed off a winter’s worth of dead skin in preparation to finally wear that maxi dress, so that means we can go out and celebrate the warmer temperatures, right? Yes, but don’t think one shower using a body polish is sufficient until August. Unfortunately, in the same way that the blue skiesand BBQs are fleeting, your results will be too, unless you put in a bit of effort to maintain them.

Dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad shares his tips on how to keep looking your best all summer long:

Stay hydrated We all know the old rule about how we should drink eight glasses of water a day–though reaching our quota is easier said than done. However, when we’re sipping away, we don’t think that water is what keeps our skin glowing. Water is one of the cheapest beauty fixes (next to sleep) and staying hydrated in the summer is even more important. Instead of guzzling a two litre bottle of water,

Dr. Murad suggests eating your water. Raw fruits and veggies have high water content and allow for a steady release of hydration. Plus, they save you from running to the toilet every couple of minutes.

Get rid of bacne To get rid of bacne, look for products with salicylic or glycolic acid, which keep pores squeaky clean. Other ingredients to look for on the label include lemongrass oil, which destroys bacteria that causes spots, and liquorice root extract, which reduces inflammation.

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Reduce cellulite Cellulite creams actually share the same ingredient that makes curries so good—spice. To minimize the appearance of cellulite, look for cayenne pepper and tiger’s herb on the ingredients list. Also keep an eye out for creams that contain ingredients sodium PCA and hyaluronic acid. They help prevent water loss and rehydrate the skin, thus keeping those pesky dimples at bay. Vitamin C is another superpower ingredient for increasing your skin’s elasticity.

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Use a body brush No, I’m not talking about that loofah you use in the shower. I’m talking about a brush, or gloves that targets cellulite and stretch marks by increasing blood flow and encouraging the lymphatic system. Like applying eyeliner, having the right technique is essential. Using a dry brush (there’s no soap involved here), start brushing at your feet , working your way up, using long strokes. Always brush towards your heart. Take care not to go over any sensitive areas or broken skin, and avoid varicose veins.

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