Step Into Summer


Now that we are into June it’s time for us to crack out the Pimm’s and celebrate that summer is finally here. With the warmer temperatures and (hopefully) sunny skies, we need different beauty products than the heavy lotions that saw us through the chillier winter months. Heat and humidity can create entirely new skin problems, like dry, patchy skin but they’re usually a fair trade off for the nice weather provided you have the right products to solve the problem. Here are some of the latest beauty must-haves that you need in your beauty collection this summer:

Liz Earle Energising Body Scrub After months in wooly tights, you need to prep your legs before they’re ready for short season. This body scrub contains ground olive stones that help remove dry, flaky patches of skin. A whopping nine pure essential oils including grapefruit, sweet orange and peppermint, will invigorate you on the dreariest of Monday mornings.

The scrub is priced at £6 for 50ml and £14.00 for 200 ml. You can buy it from the website.

Crabtree & Evelyn Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Body Polish If you find that your skin gets extremely dry in the summer months, this foaming body polish removes dead skin cells and moisturises parched limbs. The calming Aloe Vera formula is kind to sensitive skin and soothes it, whilst making it glow. The tropical citrus scent will have you fantasizing of far away sunny islands in the shower–even if you’re stuck in the temperamental UK.

The body polish is priced at £20.00 and available to buy from the website.

Mio Double Buff If you’re looking for a quick scrub that you don’t have to spend hours massaging into your skin–this is it. Apply the dual enzyme exfoliator to dry skin, then jump in the shower and wash off. The fine scrub contains pumice, lava and bamboo spheres mixed with papaya and pineapple enzymes that dissolve away rough bits of skin. Rinse away and you’re left with glowing, baby soft skin.

The buff is priced at £23.00 and available to buy from the website.

HealGel Body Instead of a typical lotion, try a gel to repair severely cracked skin. Cult-brand HealGel has expanded their range to include the new HealGel Body. The easily-absorbed formula contains arnica and madecassoside liposome which soothe skin whilst regenerating it. The gel also helps to retain moisture, so there’s no need to reapply midday.

It is priced at £39.50 and available to buy from the website.

Heaven Cellulite & Firming Oil The warmer the weather, the less layers we wear, which means we don’t want any pesky dimples making us feel self-conscious in a short skirt. Massage this oil into trouble spots, like your upper thighs, and cellulite will be a thing of the past. The juniper, cypress, and eucalyptus formula breaks down cellulite molecules and improves skin’s overall elasticity.

The oil is priced at £22.70 and available to buy from the website.

Burts Bees Foot Care You should never forget your feet in the summer as they will be on full display. The Cranberry and Pomegranate Sugar Scrub is a blend of Cranberry seeds, Pomegranate oil, natural sugar crystals and Shea Butter that polish and condition your feet. You can follow this with Burt's Bees's Coconut Foot Cream which contains Coconut Oil with Lanolin, Vegetable Gylcerin, Rosemary and Peppermint to revive even the most driest feet. If you are after something lighter then the Peppermint Foot Lotion will be your best bet. It is a beautiful blend of oils and extracts made from Witch Hazel, Tea Tree and Parsley to soothe those tired feet.

All three items are priced at £12.99 each and you can buy them from the website.

St. Ives Apricot Body Scrub Do you suffer from dry skin but don’t like harsh exfoliators because they irritate your skin? This contains 100% natural ingredients and as the name states, apricot extracts, which gently remove all the scaly areas without upsetting your skin. The succulent fruit smell makes you want to use it every day but once a week is sufficient. Add this to the matching facial scrubs and you will be more than ready for the summer months.

The Body Scrub and Facial Scrub are priced at £5.10 each. You can buy them from the website.

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razors Along with bare legs and pedicures comes sleeveless tops so this means the less glamorous task of shaving. This is a 3-in-1 razor that leaves lathers and moisturises your skin while you shave. There are two razors on the market; Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care which contains 100% Natural Aloe and Vitamin E and Intuition Dry Skin which has 100% Natural Coconut Milk & Almond Oil.

For more information about the razors please visit the website.

Now that you have the products to keep your skin looking its best, it’s time to go shopping for a new summer dress.

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