STEAMCREAM describe their standalone multi-purpose moisturiser, whose ingredients are fused together by a shot of steam, as being the latest concept in skincare. The steam apparently gives the cream the ability to sink past the surface of your skin, not just sit on top of it, and is thus more effective as a moisturiser. I put this to the test using the moisturiser that came in one of the two new aluminium tins that celebrate, with fun and creative Brazil/World Cup influences, the just gone football World Cup. I am very particular when it comes to moisturiser. It’s the beauty product which I use the most and for a variety of purposes. I generally prefer it to be thick in texture, since I find that to be most hydrating, and non-greasy. STEAMCREAM is, on the other hand, lightweight in texture. It is thicker than a lotion but a lot thinner than moisturisers I tend to go for.

However the texture does not compromise on its hydrating ability at all and it also gives a pleasant cooling sensation on the skin, which feels extremely refreshing. It absorbs fast yet still feels rich on the skin. I find that STEAMCREAM is very good for tough areas such as elbows and knees, too. My only negative point to make is that I find the smell to be off-putting. I can’t decide if it smells like lavender or if it smells almost medicinal. Either way, it does linger for a while. However I can imagine that others would love the fragrance since many people find the smell of lavender to be soothing. I also used it a few times to remove my makeup.

Perhaps one of the reasons why I liked this product overall is that it is handmade in the UK and Japan, and the Japanese input comes across in the product. It’s well known that skincare products in Japan and other Asian countries are advanced compared to in other areas, and the Japanese commonly have glowing skin. I felt that this moisturiser gave my face a nice glow, without looking greasy. The cream also contains ingredients such as lavender oil, orange flower water and oatmeal infusion. After a few days of use, my skin felt softer.

At £12.95 for 75ml, I’m not sure I would buy this for myself since I get through a lot of moisturiser, but they are gift-friendly and I would consider buying a pot or two for my friends. STEAMCREAM regularly release limited edition designs for their tins, some of which are quite outstanding, and they’ve won several awards for it. There are designs to suit everyone. The CEW (UK) Awards stated that the ‘limited edition aluminium tins give a funky twist to an otherwise serious cream’, and I couldn’t agree more.

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