Spring Releases by GOSH Cosmetics


Can we talk about these eye shadow pencils by GOSH Cosmetics which are part of their Spring releases? They are quite delectable; they glide onto your eyes smoothly and have a very deep and intense colour with a metallic feel. I can't get enough of them. Best of all they have a feature at the bottom that allows you to twist the pencil so it swivels up - so wave goodbye to that sharpener. They come in six different colour ranging from light coppers, brown, grey, plum, blue and green. At £5.99 you would agree that they are a bargain. GOSH Cosmetics have also introduced a Lip Gloss Lacquer with a demi lipstick and gloss that comes in a mini bottle. They come in five shades which are perfect for the Spring and Summer such as bright red, dark red, coral, pastel pink and bright pink. They are priced at £5.99.

I am a great fan of GOSH lipsticks as they offer great colour and longevity and these new lippies are no different. They are more of a sheer feel and have a muted colour which would look great with a smokey eye. Saying that the pigmentation of the lipsticks is quite strong and you only need a few glides in order to make a statement. Priced at £5.99 you can't really go wrong.

You can pick up GOSH Cosmetics products at Superdrug. For more information please visit the GOSH website.