Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes


When Smashbox noticed that their makeup artists were using matte eyeshadows as brow powders and liners on shoots, the idea for the Photo Matte Eyes palette was born. This product is an all in one multi-tasking, brow, eyeshadow and eyeliner palette, with pigmented shades that can be used wet or dry to dial up or dial down the intensity. In addition to a user friendly dual ended shadow and liner brush, they have also doubled up on two of their most popular go-to neutral base shades (as they tend to run out first) and of course included a handy how-to booklet for six different eye shapes and 5 brow shapes as a guide to get you going. The shadows are housed in a hefty matte black compact, with a secure feeling magnetic closure with the Smashbox logo in shiny black lettering and the shade names on the back. I love the included double ended brush, because it is actually fit for purpose. The shadows feel super soft, they swatched with varying degrees of pigmentation, the darker shades leaning towards being more pigmented on my skin tone that the lighter shades. The intensity of the shadows increased when used with a damp brush or finger, and they lasted all day on my lids without eyeshadow primer.

Personally I prefer felt tip style eyeliner pens, but if I did want to go for a softer smudgier eyeliner look then I would reach for this palette, I like the multi-purpose function and the shadows don’t glaze over when you used them damp. I also prefer eyebrow pencils, so unlikely to reach for this where my brows are concerned, however it is nice to have a palette full of pigmented matte shades all in one place and is obviously space saving and travel friendly.

If you are looking into a multi-purpose matte palette this could just be the one for you.

Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes is priced at £38.50.

For more information, please visit their website.