Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water


Smashbox are known for their primers. They have primers for blemish reduction, pore minimisation colour correction and hydration as well as for lids and lashes. The latest addition to their primer wardrobe is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. It is a multi use, silicone, oil and alcohol free mist which can be used to prime the skin prior to make up application, set the makeup that you apply or as a refreshing mist during the course of the day. I think that this will become a bit of a marmite product and the parameters for you loving or hating it will depend on your skin type. If you are on the oily side of combination you may find that this has a slight mattifying effect on the skin but in my opinion did not significantly reduce sebum production during the course of the day on my face. If you are prone to dry and or sensitive skin, you may feel that an oil, silicone and alcohol formula is for you, but you may be irritated by the added fragrance that the production has and the slight mattifying effect that I saw may be a drying effect on your skin.

I used this product under powder, liquid and cream foundation and did not find that my makeup lasted significantly longer than when I did not use it. Technology in formulations is fast paced and foundations that don’t claim to be long wearing last a good eight to ten hours on my skin. It can be used to set makeup and definitely help if you have been a bit heavy handed with the translucent powder or are using a powder foundation but again it did not extend the life of my foundation. By virtue of being a liquid (especially if you have kept it in the fridge) you will find this refreshing if you use it during the day. The Smashbox Primer Water does contain diamond powder, but this did not provide luminescence to my skin.

My favourite way to use this however has been on my beauty tools. To dampen a makeup sponge or brush before application of the various creams and liquids that I apply to my skin. In combination with a beauty tool I did find that my application was noticeably improved. Does the Smashbox Primer Water smell nice? Yes, if you are a fan of a light citrus scent (which I am) you will love this. Does it work? The answer to that depends on your skin type and what you use it for.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water is priced at £20.00 from selected Boots stores and the Smashbox website.