Smashbox Color Correcting Sticks


With colour correcting becoming more and more popular, Smashbox have created Color Correcting Sticks in a variety of problem-solving shades. They come in the form of slightly chubby pencils and possess a smooth, creamy formula for a seamless feel, texture and appearance. I wasted no time at all in trying Look Less Tired - Dark, which is a dark orange shade that aims to brighten the under eye area and counteract the appearance of dark circles and discoloration on mid to dark skin tones. I have been using this under concealer on my under eye area, where I do have dark circles that are usually a pain to hide. However the dark orange suitably neutralises the excessive shadows and has worked really well, to an extent where I can see myself becoming more and more reliant on it. Look Less Tired- Light is the same but is a medium peach colour and is better suited towards fair and olive skin tones.

Don’t Be Dull, is a medium purple shade, designed to rid the complexion of dullness and brighten sallow skin that might look yellow. Purple is typically used around the frame of the face and around the mouth area. I feel that this adds a slight radiance to my face. Lastly is a shade which will probably prove the most popular. Get Less Red, is a mid-green colour which aims to counteract redness which might arise from rosacea, sunburn etc.

I have been using this around the cheek area which may be prone to slight redness on occasion (or if I find myself blushing hard). I feel reassured that Get Less Red, conceals the redness and makes the skin look better overall, however those who do suffer from rosacea will benefit more and consider it a miracle corrector /concealer.

All of the Color Correcting Sticks have a surprisingly silky formula that is hydrating and easy to blend, which opposes my expectations given that these are in a pencil format. The stick format ensures utmost convenience and each sharpens with ease too (sharpeners are included). I have tried liquid correctors, which prove to be too messy and generous on application, and contrastingly have tried cream correctors, which tend to crease and cake, however the silky consistency of the Sticks strike a happy medium and are effortless to apply. I would recommend checking them out, particularly if you suffer from dark circles, hyperpigmentation, redness or dullness.

Smashbox Color Correcting Sticks are priced at £18.00 each.

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