Sleek MakeUP Rockstars Collection


Sleek MakeUP have released their new Rockstars Collection to coincide with the holiday season and help create a brilliant party look. The collection consists of two highlighters, two eyeshadow palettes and two lipsticks. I tried the i-Lust Palette in Diamonds in the Rough, the Lip VIP Lipstick in Scandalous and the Strobing Souffle in Pink Opal. The i-Lust Palette is a versatile eyeshadow product boasting six gold-toned shades in different finishes. Interestingly, Sleek describe this palette as being suited to all skin tones and able to make your eyes shine bright. The first shade is a cool-toned, wintery white, which can be worn in the corner of your eyes to brighten and widen them, or can be worn under other eyeshadows to increase their intensity.

Next is a yellow-toned gold in a powder finish, followed by a rose-gold, a light copper and a darker bronze. Lastly is a creamy yellow gold eyeshadow which is extremely reflective and bears a slight metallic finish. The six eyeshadows are incredibly long-wearing and are highly pigmented, capable of providing a full coverage with a single layer.

The Lip VIP Lipstick is a pearly lipstick with a dazzling, metallic finish. More eye-catching that the iridescent flecks and jewel-toned ruby of the shade, Scandalous is the multi-faceted shape of the actual lipstick, reminding oneself of an actual jewel. The intriguing shape means it takes slightly longer to apply the lipstick to your lips, although the distinctiveness of the bullet means this is well justified. The actual lipstick is fully opaque and highly pigmented, making it very important in nature as well as in name.

Importantly, there is minimal transfer to your teeth and it lasts for several hours before a touch-up is required. My favourite aspects about this lipstick is the metallic finish, which adds a bout of shine to the lips and gives an almost 3D effect.

Lastly is my favourite amongst the line-up, which is the Strobing Souffle in Pink Opal; a cool-toned pink, reminiscent of pink oysters, and suitable for wear on any skin tone. The Strobing Souffle is a whipped, mousse-like highlighter that can be worn sheer on the entire face to add a luminous glow to your complexion, or can be layered to a full intensity and used as a bold highlighter. I find the texture to be unique and much more versatile than liquid, cream or powder highlighters which can start to feel heavy on your face when layered, unlike this airy Strobing Souffle.

Overall, the above three products from Sleek’s Rockstar Collection perform very well and accessibly offer a sparkling look, perfect for the holiday season.

Sleek MakeUP i-Lust Palette is priced at £7.49, the Lip VIP Lipstick is £5.50 and the Strobing Souffle is £7.00.

For more information, please visit their website.