Sleek MakeUP Power Plump Lip Crayon


Sleek MakeUp’s Power Plump Lip Crayon is a product that provides your lips with a pop of colour, and also has a creamy consistency and satin finish. It is available in six flattering shades is said to ‘pump up your pout’. The distinctive feature of the Lip Crayon is the tingling and buzzing sensation it provides, which claims to be ‘addictive’. Usually, if anything, its lip glosses which provide this sensation as opposed to lipsticks and lip crayons, so it’s nice that Sleek have managed to incorporate this into the Power Plump Lip Crayon to give it a bit of edge. Because of the satin finish and flush of colour they provide, your lips appear to look fuller and ‘more luscious’. The Power Plump Lip Crayon lasts for just a couple of hours, but it is effortless to apply, almost like a balm is.

Colossal Coral is a bright orange with brown undertones, which serve to make the shade more wearable than a standard coral. This shade is definitely one to bring out in warmer weather due to the intensity of its warmth. Power Pink, is similar to Colossal Coral, however is pink rather than orange. Its medium pink shade is one which would suit any skin tone, appearing like natural lips but better. My favourite shade is definitely Notorious Nude, which is a touch darker than Colossal Coral and Power Pink, and a complete natural brown shade. Fully Fuchsia, is a classic, hot pink that is very intense with warm undertones. Lastly is Raving Rouge, which is a post-box red that also has warm undertones and offers a subtly alternative take to a classic red.

Collectively, the range of shades available are not exactly the most distinctive- most of them are what I’d call safe classics - however the formula and performance of the lip crayons are stand-out. Overall, I feel Sleek have produced an easy-to-wear, versatile and fuss-free product with the Power Plump Lip Crayon - it’s an ideal lip product for day wear or casual events, plus it is affordable.

Sleek MakeUP Power Plump Lip Crayon are priced at £5.50.

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