Sleek MakeUP Matte Me

Sleek MakeUP is well known and a firm staple in the drugstore. The Matte Me liquid lipsticks are Sleek’s take in the liquid lipstick trend which isn’t backing down any time soon. Matte Me comes in 15 shades and Sleek promises smooth application without the need of a second coat.

I have five colours: Birthday Suit, Fandango Purple, Rioja Red (which were part of the original collection they first released) and Velvet Slipper and Fired Up -recent releases. I’m not sure if Sleek changed the formula of the Matte Me but because I have lipsticks from the first release and recent release, I am able to compare the formulae of the lipsticks and they feel slightly different

Birthday Suit, Fandango Purple and Rioja Red were first released and the formula is very drying and unforgiving however it’s super matte and has staying power. Of out the three of them, I found Fandango Purple to be slightly patchy when applied. 

Velvet Slipper and Fired Up are part of the newer releases of Matte Me. I find this formula more comfortable, it’s still very matte but feels better on the lipsticks compared to the first release. I also noticed they don’t have the same staying power as the first ones.

Another difference I noticed between the two releases are the shape and size of the applicators. First release applicators are long flat and slightly bent whilst the newer release applicators have the more traditional shape and size: short and angled at the tip

These products have incredible colour pay off and what you see in the tube is pretty much what you get on your lips too. The colour range is fantastic too and I have seen some dupes for higher end lipsticks in this collection. You can get away with one coat but two coats are better for intense colour finish. You also have to reapply the colour after eating/drinking.

if you love matte liquid lipsticks, Sleek Matte Me is definitely one to pick up. The pigmentation is great, it has good staying power and at a price that won’t dent your pockets too much. With 15 shades and counting, there is really a colour for everyone. 

Sleek MakeUP Matte Me are priced at £4.99.

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