Sleek MakeUP Enchanted Forest I-Divine Palette


Sleek MakeUP have just released their legendary I-Divine Palette in a new variation, called Enchanted Forest, which ties in with the colour trends of Autumn/Winter 2015. Like many of their previous I-Divine palettes, this palette contains an array of matte, shimmery and metallic finishes, making it incredibly versatile and a palette which can create subtle day looks or dramatic evening looks. As usual, Sleek have named each shade creatively, each with connotations to the fairytale that is Cinderella. Starting from left to right, top to bottom, Glass Slipper is a matte ivory shade with a hint of magnolia. It’s too light for me to wear it as a single shade, but I find it useful to use as a base shade to brighten whichever shade I choose to wear on top. Beatrice is my favourite shade - it’s a matte autumnal deep pink with a purple body, which is very suited to the coming season.

Perla is a shimmery and soft greyish blue which complements its neighbouring shade, Fairy Godmother which is a metallic light copper. Grand Duke which is aptly named for its ability to deceive is impressive. Although it looks like a standard dark blue in the pan, when swatched and applied, Grand Duke appears as a medium but true purple which a faint hint of shimmer. I love Drizella almost as much as Beatrice. It’s similarly an autumnal shade, as its a metallic taupe that can add subtle dimension to the eyes where black may be too intense for the occasion.

Pumpkin is an incredibly versatile metallic gold, which would probably appear the same on any skin tone due to the intensity, and which pairs well with Prince Charming, a matte teal blue that is almost as entrancing as the Prince himself. Happily Ever After appears as a frosty silver with a slight hue of green peeping through, which brightens the eyes when applied to the inner corners of the eyes. Anastasia is a matte burgundy that complements Beatrice. I love wearing Anastasia because it’s a shade which is completely on trend. Daphne is similar to Prince Charming, but is a metallic and a slighter softer shade. Lastly is Lady Tremaine, which is a matte, dark brown, and unlike the character, is simple and versatile.

Sleek have thoughtfully included a full sized, high quality mirror inside the palette’s lid, and have also included a dual-ended applicator. The applicator isn’t great, and I’d probably only use it if I was on the go, however this does add for convenience. The matte shades have an impressive longevity, easily lasting six to seven hours, with the metallic shades falling slightly short of this, however this is only normal for metallic finishes. Each shade has a full level of pigment, which is unusual for a palette that is so accessible; Sleek have ensured no compromise on quality. All in all, this is an enchanting palette from Sleek and one which stands out from other palettes this season, yet is pleasantly affordable.

Sleek I-Divine Enchanted Forest pic 2

Sleek MakeUP Enchanted Forest i-Divine Palette is priced at £7.99.

For more information, please visit their website.