Sleek MakeUP Cream Contour Kit


Sleek MakeUp’s Cream Contour Kit is the brand’s take on a classic contour palette, with an ultra-blendable formula that not only aims to sculpt and highlight your face, but create a seamless and natural finish too. When contouring started making waves a few years ago, the desired effect was noticeable and obvious shadows and highlight. However in recent months, it has become trendier to take a step back from harsh lines and embrace a natural look, i.e. subtle contouring. The face is naturally contoured anyway and it seems silly to cover it all up and start from scratch, rather than emphasise existing contours. Sleek’s Cream Contour Kit contains two highlighting creams and four contouring creams, and due to the ultra-blendable formula and light consistency, it’s easy to create a natural finish, although the product is buildable so you can go as bold as you wish.

I tried the Cream Contour Kit in shade Dark. The kits are available in Light, Medium and Dark, so Sleek have covered all the bases (literally). The two lighter creams contain a tiny amount of shimmer that is not obvious, but creates a sheeny finish that offers a different take on usual, glittery highlighters. Because of this, you can use them as substitutes for concealer, especially as the creams do not cake, or settle into fine lines. The four sculpting shades are cool-toned, making contour look natural- warm-toned contour clashes with the naturally cool shadows under the cheeks.

The cream shadows are versatile in the sense they can be used as their marketed purpose, or more generically, such as for the base of eyeshadows and to counteract shadows under the eyes. The creams are fade-proof and hold up for at least seven to eight hours, making this kit an essential. Even though you won’t be needing to touch up often, the kit is a handy size and convenient for taking around on the go.

Overall, I feel Sleek have produced a convenient and high quality contour palette. With contouring products having saturated the industry, it’s amazing to be yet surprised by a contour kit, but I have been by this Contour Kit.

Sleek MakeUP Cream Contour Kit is priced at £10.99.

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