Sleek MakeUp Candy Tint Lip Balm


Sleek MakeUp's range Candy Tint Lip Balms summarise the brand nicely- colourful, effortless and bright. They are available in seven sugary colours and contains Vitamins A, C and E, SPF15 and Jojoba Oil, to provide lasting hydrating, softness and protection. I find that tinted lip balms are incredibly convenient when you need a quick wash of colour and only have a few seconds to apply it. Sleek have formulated the Candy Tint Lip Balms so that they are very soft and hydrating, and the tint is of a medium strength. Most tinted lip balms have only a little bit of pigment, making Sleek’s version more interesting. I tried them in three vibrant shades, namely Cherry Drop, Tutti Fruity and Jelly Bean. Cherry Drop is a hot pink with a touch of coral that creates a ‘your lips but better’ look, making them appear more full. Jelly Bean is a surprisingly wearable orange, perfect for the season just gone, and Tutti Fruity is a warm purple that looks particularly great on medium to dark skin tones.

As expected from a tinted lip balm the colour doesn’t last very long, fading from even just a couple of hours of wear, however the smoothing and hydrating benefits last much longer. Because it’s a lip balm and lacks the intensity of a lipstick, for example, I’ve been reapplying them often, and sometimes without a mirror but that’s the beauty and fun of these products. Although you probably wouldn’t wear it alone for evening wear like you might during the day, they complement actual lip colours well.

Sleek Candy Tint Balms pic 2

Sleek MakeUP Candy Tint Lip Balms are priced at £6.49 each.

For more information, please visit their website.