Six Brown Beauties Went Lipstick Shopping


It all started during our usual #BBT chat that takes place every Sunday; the topic was favourite lip products. The subject of nude and bold colours came up where a few of us - including me - admitted that we found it hard to pick out a neutral colour and often ended up buying the same berry or plums. A group of us decided to set that straight by meeting up and going lipstick shopping. Find out what happened when six brown beauties went lipstick shopping. Last Tuesday I joined Lynda from Wonderlusting and Andrea Ilaka and fellow brownbeauty writers, Segun, Alexandra and Tunrayo at Selfridges to check out the lipstick delights that the department store had to offer. First stop was NARS where we oohed and ached over their Audacious Lipsticks. Then we popped over to Lancome where we had a good nosey at their new Cushion Foundation and tried on their L'Absolu Velours Velvet Matte Lip Colours and L'Absolu Nu Lipsticks. I took a bit of a fancy to Marron Fonce in L'Absolu Nu Lipstick but decided to keep my options opened.

The next stop was Dior where we sighed over the exquisite packaging and lusted over the Diorific Lipsticks. I swear these branding people really know how to pull your heart strings. Illamasqua was next; we played with their Glamore Lipsticks. I saw a lot of lovely colours but nothing really grabbed me so I kept looking.

Our last stop was Charlotte Tilbury where we tried on the colours from her much talked about Matte Revolution collection. I tried the Birkin Brown Lipstick and it was love at first sight. The shade, the texture and intensity had me hooked. It fit me like a second glove and I did not want to take it off.

Despite being more than aware of Charlotte Tilbury and her fantastic brand, I have never tried one of her products. A few years ago I attended the magnificent pop-up shop when she launched her collection in Selfridges and more recently I was at her launch in Fenwick. I even have a few of her lip products still waiting patiently for me to play with them.

My fellow beauty addicts in crime - Alexandra, Tunrayo and Andrea had also fallen hook, line and sinker for the Tilbury brand. As for Segun and Lynda they were off having a passionate embrace with NARS. We left them to it and got stuck in at a la Tilbury.

The end result was this:

Alexandra bought Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Liberty and Red Carpet Red

Lynda bought NARS Train Bleu Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

Segun bought NARS Het Loo Satin Lip Pencil.

Tunrayo bought Charlotte Tilbury Birkin Brown and Very Victoria Matte Revolution as well as the Foxy Brown Lip Cheat. She also picked up the Diorific Haute Couture Long Wearing Lipstick in Miztah.

Andrea bought Charlotte Tilbury GlastonberryDioific Haute Couture in Mitzah and NARS Train Bleu Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

I went home with Charlotte Tilbury's Birkin Brown.

A lot of lipsticks equals six very happy brown beauties. Not a bad way to spend an evening.