Sheabutter Cottage Haitian Black Castor Oil  

I love castor oil for my hair due to its many benefits but I have never tried Haitian Black Castor Oil (slightly different to Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which I am very familiar with). Haitian Black Castor Oil is rich in Vitamin E, proteins, Omega 6 and 9 and packed with ricinoleic acid (80-90%) which gives it its amazing ability to heal and add moisture to the skin, hair and body. This product is straight from Haiti and is organic and unrefined and excellent for skin, hair and body. 

I mainly used it for my hair as I didn’t find the scent too appealing (the same with its Jamaican counterpart and other Black Castor Oils). For my hair, I mainly used it as a scalp massage oil and around my edges (Black Castor is very popular for promoting thick hair growth). Although I haven’t seen much growth, it has helped my edge remain thick and prevent loss during the winter and my protective styles. I would use the oil every other day for scalp massages and a little amount was all I needed. 

The oil also works great as a pre-poo treatment and often times I alternated between it and the Hibiscus Oil. I reached for this one when my hair was super dry and needed a deeper treatment. There’s a lot of debate on which oil is more potent, Jamaican Black Castor Oil  or Haitian Black Castor Oil  but for me I didn’t notice any differences with the way it worked on my hair. 

This is a fantastic oil from Sheabutter Cottage and I especially love that the oils are unrefined which helps them retain their goodness. This is a versatile oils that will be a great addition to any oil collection.

Sheabutter Cottage Haitian Black Castor Oil is priced £7.50.

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