Shea Decadence Mango Moisture Collection


I’m always on the lookout for haircare that will work on my fine hair. In the past, I’ve used mainly brands from the USA because there seemed to be more on offer for different curl textures. It’s been a challenge to find products that don’t weigh my hair down and make it feel clammy. I’d been reading good things about the British brand, Shea Decadence for some time now. So naturally I was delighted to trial their Mango Moisture Collection and after my four weeks trial, I can whole-heartedly join in singing Shea Decadence’s praises. I enjoy a good ripe mango and the fragrance of Shea Decadence’s Mango Moisture Collection takes me back to my West Indian roots. It’s as fragrant as a ripe Julie Mango, not at all overpowering or sickly sweet. The packaging is attractive and functional and the bottles have cleverly designed sealable spout tops. There are three products in the collection: Mango Lassi Conditioning Hair Milk, Black Seed Mango Compote Curl Defining Leave in Conditioner and Mango Sorbet Shine and Define Styling Balm. Together, the three products form a fantastic styling system. Ingredients in the collection include; Mango butter Castor Oil & Carrot Tissue Oil.

I trialled all three products in the Mango Moisture Collection and they do live up to their claim to condition, moisturise and define hair. After shampooing and conditioning my hair I followed up with Shea Decadence’s Mango Lassi Conditioning Hair Milk and Black Seed Compote Curl Defining Leave in Conditioner. Then I sealed my hair with an organic oil and styled by diffusing with a blow-dryer. My curls were uniformed, well defined with almost no frizz. However, by day two my hair started to feel a bit dry. During the week, I reapplied the Black Seed Mango Compote (which is rich but not too thick) and then I followed up with an organic oil. Towards the end of the week I used the Mango Lassi to detangle and restyle. It has a very runny creamy consistency with good slip which enabled me to detangle and moisturise my hair at the same time. I followed up with the Compote to twist my hair.

During my second week of using the collection I followed the same routine as above, however, I incorporated the Mango Sorbet after Black Seed Mango Compote and had excellent results. I had moisture retention that lasted up to five days which is good for me. I only reapplied the Black Seed Mango Compote at my edges for neatness on days when I was out and about. The Sorbet is a wonderfully smooth Balm that absorbs well into the hair, tames frizz and adds shine.

For the remaining two weeks I used the products as a three step styling system. Individually they work very well but they are also excellent companions for other good quality organic hair products. However, together they give outstanding results. I believe the Mango Moisture Collection would work on all curl types. For thicker coarser hair types a holding gel may be required for a longer lasting twistout or braidout, depending on the look desired. Shea Decadence has a wide range of products in their delicatessen for top to toe, and men are not forgotten.

Shea Decadence pic 2

Shea Decadence Mango Lassi Conditioning Hair Milk is priced from £9.99 to £17.99, Black Seed Mango Compote Curl Defining Leave in Conditioner from £10.99 to £18.99 and Mango Sorbet Shine and Define Styling Balm is priced from £8.99 to £14.99.

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