Shavata Lash Fabricator


Fibre lashes are the next best thing right now, forget about false lashes that weighs down your eyes making you look like you have lazy eyes and most probably pull out your lashes at the end of the day, fibre lashes are totally opposite of all that. Shavata Lash Fabricator is the best answer for the lush, volume and long lashes without using strip or individual lashes. The Lash Fabricator is made of tiny loose nylon fibres, it's works just like a normal mascara which can be build up to achieve the desirable look. It is instructed that the fabricator is to be used with the Shavata Mascara but not necessary, as I used my own mascara and still got the same result. The process is really easy and quick so literally anyone can use it from a busy city lady to a carefree teenager. Mascara is applied first, not allowing it to dry and then the Lash Fabricator is applied over it, coating your lashes with a multitude of tiny fibres from bottom to tip. You then finish with another coat of mascara to secure the fibres in.

The application process can get a little messy, as they will be residue of fibres on your cheeks but that gets sorted as the product comes with a little brush to sweep the residue away. My tip is to also use a little tape to stick them away, I recommend you look down when applying the Fabricator to make sure you don't get the tiny fibres in my eyes. When applied properly with enough patience, you will have the thickest lashes ever that you can flaunt and flirt with all day long.

This product is the best alternative to false eyelashes, it is quick and easy to apply and gives your lashes the volume that we ladies crave for and even better it's comes off easily. Have a look at the before and after pictures below to see for yourself.

Shavata Lash Fabricator swatches

Shavata Lash Fabricator retails at £15.00 which is way cheaper to other brands I've come across.

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