Rising Beauty Idol: Michelle Scott-Lynch from Boucleme


Welcome to another instalment of Rising Beauty Idol where we profile a new up and coming beauty entrepreneur. This week we feature Michelle Scott-Lynch, the founder of Boucleme, an exciting new brand that nurtures healthy, frizz free curly hair using natural ingredients. What made you decide to set up your own beauty business? After researching the ingredients of curly hair care ranges I found that the majority of products available were sulphate and silicone based – two ingredients that perpetuate the problem of dry frizzy curls. One strips the hair of all protective oils and the other, a non-water soluble film former, gives the illusion of smooth and sleek hair but prevents moisture from entering the cuticle.

The only thing that can remove silicone is sulphates so it becomes a vicious circle of curls being dried out by sulphates and requiring more silicone to fix it. Trying to find natural and effective alternatives wasn’t easy and after experimenting in my kitchen making gels and conditioners, I decided to create my own natural range.

What is your background? I’m quite impatient so was very eager to get out to work and gain some hands on experience rather than going to University. I started off assisting editors in book publishing, then moved into the publicity department. I then went on to spend 10 years in music as a marketing manager for various record companies.

What is the concept behind Boucleme? Conscious haircare. Conscious of embracing and working with our own unique beauty and conscious of creating products that are as safe for your body as they are for the environment. The planet we inhabit is a very special place and we need to preserve it as best we can.

What is your USP? Being curly myself and a mother to two curlies, I have an in-depth understanding and experience of curly issues. Our range is made from 100% natural botanicals and uses ingredients that have been scientifically proven to penetrate into the hair shaft moisturising and strengthening from the inside out. We’re also proud to be a British company, our products were conceived, created and manufactured in the UK.

How did you decide on the look and feel of the brand? It was really important that the branding reflected the true beauty of curly hair, and we wanted to stand out from everything else, in the same way a head full curls does. It was also essential to use curls in the imagery so people can identify that we’re a bespoke range for curly hair. The colours were inspired by our natural fresh citrus-based fragrance.

What are your future plans for Boucleme? To reach as many curly headed people as possible and to empower and encourage them to love their hair. We want people to enjoy being who they are and love the way they look – that is real beauty.

What are your favourite beauty products? I’m passionate about healthy living so I’m extremely conscious of what I put in and on my body – it has to be natural/organic. I use Pai and Nude for my face plus John Masters Blood Orange Body Moisturiser – it smells heavenly. I also adore Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oils to invigorate in the morning or unwind at the end of a day. The one thing I could never be without is virgin coconut oil – it’s a miracle oil for skin and hair.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to set up their own beauty business? If you have an idea and you believe in it go for it, don’t let other people’s negativity prevent you from creating something you’re passionate about. Do your research and understand your market. There are many highs and lows in running your own business, it can be all consuming so it’s important to find a way to navigate through them. Try not to let the lows bring you down. I find meditation helps keep me grounded and centred – you make the best decisions from this place.

For more information about Boucleme please visit the website.