Revlon Ultra HD Range


Revlon have two types of liquid lip products which have recently been added to their Ultra HD range in the UK, namely the Ultra HD Lip Lacquer which is a high shine lip gloss and the Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour which is a matte liquid lipstick. Revlon describe the Ultra HD Lip Lacquer as having ‘innovative wax-free gel technology. Get true colour clarity, vivid high-impact shine and a bouncy, lightweight feel’. The formula is obviously quite wet however Revlon have done well to ensure that it’s not gloopy in consistency, or sticky when applied on the lips, instead having that ‘bouncy, lightweight feel’ of which they claim. Because of the lightweight feeling, you can comfortably wear this atop of other lip products, to add a third dimension to lipstick by means of shine and the illusion of added volume. The Ultra HD Lip Lacquer bears miniscule flecks of glitter which add to the high level of shine.

I tried the Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in shade Pink Diamonds, a bright, candy pink that is incredibly versatile to wear and suits a variety of skin tones. Appropriately, there is a faceted gem on the top of the lid, which adds to the feeling of luxury when using and wearing this lip gloss. This lip gloss wears well, considering the fact it’s a high shine lip gloss requiring touch ups every couple of hours or so.

Revlon’s new Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour changes the playing field completely in terms of matte liquid lipsticks - it’s already become my favourite one on the market. Revlon describe it as a lightweight, high definition velvety matte colour; moisturising with a velvety feel and a 100% wax-free, gel formula. The finish is not completely matte - I would say it’s about ninety percent matte, and I view this as a positive, for it means that the finish is creamy, supple and soft. Usually with matte liquid lip colours, I have to engage in extra prep beforehand, making heavy use of lip balm, however none of that is required with the Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour, since it doesn’t dry the lips at all.

I tried it in shade Addiction, a medium to dark red with cool, blue undertones. I find the shade extremely flattering and full of sophistication, unlike warm, orange-based reds. The lip colour is housed in a frosted matte tube, and has a well-shaped applicator that allows for effortless application. Due to the matte nature of the product, it has an impressive longevity.

Overall, I think that these two lip products by Revlon are superb in performance and high in quality. Even though I do like the Ultra HD Lip Lacquer, I prefer its matte counterpart; the way that Revlon have formulated the Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour is something of an innovation in the industry - they have succeeded where bigger players have failed to create a non-drying, liquid matte lipstick.

For more information, please visit their website.