Revlon All New Mascaras


Revlon have introduced several new mascaras to their range of makeup, which all offer different benefits such as volume, length or definition. I got to try all five types, starting with the Super Length Mascara. So let me tell you all about Revlon's All New Mascaras. This new release has a sizeable, traditional brush head that is not all it seems, having innovative Stretch Brush tip coats. This mascara has the ability to separate lashes and provide supreme length, without too much definition, volume or any risk of volume.

Similarly, the Volume and Length Magnified Mascara has traditional bristles but arranged in a unique square shape that slightly tapers at the end, to deliver volume and length to even the smallest of lashes.

Revlon’s Ultra Volume Mascara has a mix of short and long bristles that are less like traditional bristles, and more like the plastic bristles we have seen introduced into mascaras recently. This is essential for full-on volume mascaras, so that lashes are properly separated despite the intense volume added.

Perhaps my favourite of them all is the Dramatic Definition Mascara, which has a thin, plastic brush with tiered bristles. I feel that this product gives the right ratio of length to volume, parting a clean and fluttery look.

Lastly is the Ultimate All-in-One Mascara, which has an interestingly unique brush head. It’s about half the size of a usual mascara head, in the shape of an oval lip-gloss applicator almost, with tiny plastic bristles. Whilst it doesn’t give the greatest separation, length or volume, it does provide the lashes with a noticeable curl and eye-opening lift.

If I’m right, all the mascaras use the same mascara fluid, so it really is all about the brush, as Revlon say. These new releases by Revlon have a superb lasting ability without running as the number of hours of wear increases, and are easily removed with your usual makeup remover. The fluid is not too gloopy or wet, but is not too dry and flaky either.

Whatever your mascara needs are, Revlon have surely got you covered with their five new mascaras.

They are available to buy now.

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