Ragdale Hall Revive Body Lotion


I love a beautifully scented lotion and this Body Lotion from the Ragdale Hall Spa range is all that and more. Debuting in the zesty ‘citrus grove’ fragrance, this lotion features bursts of bergamot, lemon and orange. It definitely gets top marks from me due to its fruity scent and whilst applying, it did make my skin feel incredibly soft just as it promises. Initially I did have high hopes for this product but when I realised it was a lotion, I was a bit sceptical because I am not too keen on using body lotions as I find them not very nourishing for my skin. Upon application my conceptions were confirmed; even though the lotion did make my skin smooth, it was so light that the few times I used this product it felt as if I had put nothing on. This is most likely due to the fact that I predominantly use body moisturisers and that my skin has accustomed to the creamy and oily consistency of it.

I tend to have quite dry skin and when I used the Ragdale Revive Body Lotion, I found that my skin got dry more quickly or if my arm (for example) rubbed across a surface or against my clothes, I would get the dreaded white mark and no one wants their skin to appear ashy.

Whilst doing research, I found out that the reason why my skin remained dry despite using body lotion was because lotions are a cream with a high water base and low oil content whereas moisturisers moisturise the skin, prevent and treat dry skin, protect sensitive skin, improve skin tone and texture. In order to combat this lack of oil in the body lotion, I mixed the lotion with a bit of Vaseline - which was more effective due to the thick consistency of it and it also helped stretch the length of the lotion.

Sometimes I would have to add a moisturiser on top of the lotion as well. With this product I realised that regardless of whether you put more of less of the lotion on your skin it still has the same effect. Generally as Women of Colour I believe that we need a product that is moisturising for our skin, however I do not feel that the Revive Lotion really did the job. With a 200 ml capacity, the product lasted around three weeks. I do feel that it would have lasted longer if it was a moisturising body lotion.

I feel this product would be nice as a hand lotion. It is also portable, so it is something that you can carry around in your handbag. Also, the product was nicely designed. It is priced at £6.00, considering the fact that I did not like the effect it had on my skin I personally would not pay this amount for it.

For more information about Ragdale Hall Revive Body Lotion or other products from their range please visit Marks and Spencer’s website, where the products can be purchased.