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The QVS (Quality Value Style) brand is the brainchild of designer Kate Deegan. It came into being back in 2004 as her response to a gap in the market for cosmetic accessories that were aesthetically appealing. Her QVS designs combine form, fashion and function. Perusing the QVS website the girlie girl in me was all a flutter at all the cute functional beauty tools the brand has to offer. I recently trialled three products from the brand: the Essential Cosmetic Tool Kit, the Glass Nail File and 3 Mini Nail Shapers; I essentially, was pleased with their performance. The Essential Cosmetic Tool Kit This kit comprises of five essential beauty brushes along with a foundation sponge. It’s compact, easily portable and perfect for a lady on the go. The kit contains a blusher brush, eyeshadow brush (which can also be used for concealer), eyeshadow applicator, lip brush, eyebrow/lash groomer and fine textured foundation sponge.

My least favourite item was the blusher brush. While it’s very soft and felt lovely against my skin, I would have preferred if the bristles were fuller. However taking the price point into consideration, perhaps it’s an unfair expectation. I absolutely loved the foundation sponge. I used it with my usual BB Cream. The sponge is uber soft and very springy, it gently glided over my skin and made application effortless. My skin looked flawless and well prepped for powder and blush. The end result was skin that looked soft, touchable and luminous.

Overall it’s a wonderful durable bargain purchase of good quality. The eyebrow/lash groomer is quite good too. The brush end has firm bristles while the teeth on the comb end are fine and close together with a very slight concave shape. Its sure to get the most unruly brows into shape.

The Essential Cosmetic Tool Kit is priced around £5.98

QVS Cosmetic Tool Set 2

Glass Nail File  I was very impressed with this nail file. Made from hardened etched glass, this nail file is perfection. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but it looks very sleek and modern. A glass nail file is a totally new concept to me, however using it during my mini DIY manicure, I had the most pleasant experience. Some nail files can be a too rough on the nails but the QVS Glass Nail File is gentle but effectively shaped my nails. It didn’t take away more than I wanted to during the filing and shaping process. I felt no need to buff my nail edges after; they were smooth and ready to be polished.

The Glass Nail File is hard but easy to handle. I was not worried it would break during use. It comes with a protective black velvety pouch that will keep it safe and easily portable. The file can be cleaned in warm water or sterilised liquid, heat or UV light but should be left to hair dry. I would highly recommend this product; it promises to never wear out at £6.98, that’s a steal of a deal.

Mini Nail Shapers It’s fantastic to have a practical functional product that is pretty; it makes the most basic task fun. The QVS Mini Nail Shapers will liven up any cosmetic accessories collection. The prints are pretty and vibrant, you can’t miss them even in the darkest of handbags, They contour around the nails while filing.

The Mini Shapers are dual sided with medium and fine abrasive surface. This is not a long life product, though. It cannot be cleaned and should be discarded when the abrasive exterior has deteriorated. It’s cute, effective and so small; I daresay it will fit into any bag. Because portable emergency nail saving missions will be effortless. Use during DYI pamper evenings at home, these mini shapers are perfect for the girls’ girls.

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