Pure Essentials Micellar Water


This multitasking product is a specially developed Micellar Water which removes impurities and traces of dirt and makeup on your skin. It promises to leave your skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and hydrated. Pure Essentials Micellar Water is dermatologically tested, free from artificial colours and fragrances and enriched with pro-vitamin B5 which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. I have been using this product for over three months to take off my eye makeup at night time. It is effective and very easy to use. I simply pour some solution onto a cotton wool pad and place it on my eyelid for a few seconds and - whoops - goodbye eye shadows and mascara. I only need to do this twice for each eye in order to get rid of the makeup.

I read a lot of grand statements about how Micellar Water gets rid of all traces of makeup but I would raise my eyebrow at that as I am yet to find any product that does that. Along with this product there are a few that do a bloody good job but the bottom line is that if you want rid of all of your makeup then you need to do a proper cleanse.

However, if you want a lazy way of taking off the majority of your makeup then this little gem is it. It is so gentle on your skin and does not give you any irritation at all. Those with sensitive skin will love it - I only have one gripe - I suffer from a bit of dryness around the eyes so after using this water it does strip away the oils from that area. I will admit that I am yet to try it on my actual face but as my skin is combination I have a feeling it will fare very well. If you are after a nice and easy Micellar Water that is affordable and gives you no hassle then I would check this out.

Pure Essentials Micellar Water is priced at £2.49.

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