How to Pull Off Blue Eyeshadow


The one makeup trend that seems to intimidate people more than any other is blue eyeshadow. Most people would take coloured mascaras and lipsticks in every colour of the rainbow before blue shadow. Blue eyeshadow reminds us of questionable makeup decisions at school discos and the over-the- top and often cringe-worthy makeup looks of the 1980’s. However, you do not need to be intimidated by blue eyeshadow. It was a huge trend on the Spring 2016 catwalks and the shows proved that when it is done right, it looks modern and quite cool. Here is how to pull off the blue eyeshadow trend:

1. Keep the rest of your makeup simple. Your eyes are going to be the focus, so tone down the rest of your look. Add a wash of colour to your cheeks and choose a more natural lip colour like a soft pink or nude. Maybelline Colorsensational Nude Lipstick in Naked Brown is a good option.

2. Balance out the blue shadow with black mascara. A bit of black mascara can help ground the blue shadow. Save your coloured mascara for another time.

3. Keep the look for evening or weekends. Unless you work in a creative job, it’s best to save the blue eyeshadow trend for when you are off duty. Attempting blue shadow among all the black business suits isn’t the best way to get attention. If you do want to go all out for the evening then Cake Cosmetics Vegas Baby is perfect for the ultra glam/show stopping eye makeup.

4. Remember that a little goes a long way. A bit of blue shadow will enhance your eyes. You do not need very much to make an impact. A good guideline is to keep the colour no higher than your crease. This is one instance when less is more definitely applies.

5. Consider the finish. They probably do not sell frosted blue eyeshadows anywhere nowadays, but stay away from them if you ever come across them. Look for more modern finishes like metallics or multifaceted colours.

6. Mix it into your black smokey eye. If you’re intimidated by coloured eyeshadows, a good way to work then into your look is to mix them with into your regular smokey eye. The black shadow will help tone down the colour. Or if you fancy something different then Cake Cosmetics Blue Velvet adds a new twist to a smokey eye with the deep navy tone.

7. Use an eyeshadow primer. Because you are choosing a bright colour, it will be more obvious if it smudges or migrates down your face. Keep that shadow in place with a good shadow primer such as Rimmel London Undercover Shadow Primer.