Prismologie Ruby and Cedar Wood Body Oil 

Prismologie is a beautiful skincare range that utilises the power of botanicals with gemstones and colour psychology. Created in 2015 by a Kuwaiti mother daughter team the brand has created a range products which focus on the metaphysical qualities of gemstones.  

The Ruby and Cedarwood range is based around vigour, passion and turning thoughts into action.  Definitely necessary when your alarm goes off and you just want another hour of sleep. The Body Oil is delicious, housed in a glass bottle with a plastic lid.  The plastic lid makes it easier to open especially if your hands are covered in the oil as you can grip it.  The colour adds interest in your bathroom as packaging can look a bit samey – white with dark lettering.

The featured ingredients within the body oil are capsicum (pepper) which stimulates the skin, sandalwood which detoxifies and of course Ruby.  The oil blend is mainly rice bran oil, which is light but hydrating. Argan, watermelon seed, goji berry and lupin seed oils also feature.  These oils are high in omega six and nine and antioxidants.  The result is a nourishing, delicious smelling oil that really hydrates and nourishes the skin.  I have extremely dry skin on my body and this oil has been brilliant.  

I am a fan of citrus fragrances so I did not think that my nose would get on with cedarwood at all but I LOVE it.  I find it really uplifting so I was not at all surprised to see that in aromatherapy it is used for people with depression and anxiety.  The fragrance stays on your skin for a good couple of hours so it will interact with any fragrance that you layer on top of it.  In terms of skincare cedarwood has antifungal and antimicrobial properties.  

If you love a body oil like I do, this is a gorgeous addition to your bathroom.  It is light but still nourishing.  A multi sensory pleasure to use and if like me you have extremely dry skin, your skin will not be parched and screaming for moisture halfway through the day.  The ruby micro-crystals are invisitle on the skin and do not affect the texture of the oil at all.  If you agree that your daily ablution is a pleasure not a chore this very giftable body oil is a must. 

Prismologie Ruby and Cedarwood Body Oil is available from BeautyMart and is priced at £40.00.

For more information, please visit their website