Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Moisturising Wax Candle


Paul Mitchell is a salon hair range that I have never used. I was surprised that they had candles in the range but it made a bit more sense when I realised that it was an extension of their Tea Tree range. The Tea Tree Moisturising Wax Candle is my first experience of a candle that you burn blow out and then apply the warm wax to the skin. Yes, you read that correctly, you apply the molten ‘wax’ to the skin. I was a bit sceptical, but more so when I saw that the wax could be used as a skin balm. The ‘wax’ is a glycerine, soya, and sunflower base so perfect fine to use on the skin. It can, but, I have a large round body and would use have the candle in one sitting. The warm wax is what I was interested in most. I lit the candle in the bathroom while I was having a bath. It took a while for my small bathroom to be enveloped by the subtle orange blossom fragrance. I came out of the bath, blew out the candle, dried myself off and applied a small amount of the balm starting with the crocodile skin on my shins. This is not a product to use if you are clumsy.

The wax is initially hot although it cools down quite quickly. I am heavy handed with product s and found that I was getting through it quite quickly. The wax is very moisturising and kept my very dry skin moisturised all day. I enjoyed the orange blossom fragrance (I didn’t smell any tea tree at all) which stayed on the skin for a couple of hours too.

This is definitely a product to use for a pampering session. However, you need time as the wax does not melt very quickly and burning the candle for an hour does not yield much wax.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Moisturising Wax Candle is priced at £14.99 and stocked at Salon ABV.