Paul and Joe Lipstick Refills


Paul and Joe is one of those quirky beauty brands that I have heard about, but never tried any of their products till now. It originally started out as a fashion brand, founded in 1980, the Paul and Joe arm of the brand came later, when daughter Sophie Mechaly launched and named it after her two sons. The beauty section didn’t launch until 2001, and the focus was on quality formulations and attention to the packaging. Paul and Joe items stand out from the crowd and are very recognisable among an array of beauty brands, a lot of the time they do limited edition collections, where the packaging of the beauty products matches the prints seen on their clothes on the runway that season.

I received two Paul and Joe Lipstick Refills and it was interesting when they arrived, the lipstick bullet comes separate from the lipstick case, so you can mix and match your shade to whatever gorgeously designed packaging you want. This also means repurchasing your shade is cheaper, as you don’t need to buy a case every time, however it also means the shade of the lipstick is on the inside of the case.

I received shades 088 Standing Ovation and 213 Flower Vase, alongside cases 017 Cardinal and 019 Dog. Standing Ovation is part of the Limited Edition CS collection and has a gorgeous floral print embossed on the lipstick bullet, as it’s inspired by wild spring flowers. It’s formulated with a dense, nourishing, creamy formula that’s enriched with lavender oil, orange flower water and white lily extract for healthy hydrated lips. It’s a cool toned vibrant pink shade, it applies really creamy and is comfortable to wear.

Flower Vase is part of the natural collection and is embossed with the brand initials on the bullet; it’s also enriched with all the ingredients above, but is designed to give a flush of colour to the lips. This is my favourite shade of the two as I prefer warm toned pinks, even though it’s got a natural finish it still has enough pigment to show up on the lips, and feels really hydrating; almost like a lip balm as you apply it. Paul and Joe have other finishes in their lipstick range, including sheer and full pigment, it would be interesting to see how pigmented the latter is, as these finishes already pack quite a punch in that respect.

Case 017 Cardinal is a gorgeous beige case with pictures of two red birds, some branches and a moonlit background; this is my favourite of the two. 019 Dog has a busy floral print with colourful dog faces on top, these lipstick cases are really like no other in my beauty collection and are definitely easy to spot.

Standing Ovation is £14 and Flower vase is £12.50, while the cases are £7 each.

The Paul and Joe Lipstick Refills can be purchased on BeautyBay,com