Palmer’s Coconut Oil Collection


Palmer's Coconut Oil Collection consists of a Hand Cream, Body Oil, Body Cream and Body Lotion. The products contain raw and natural ingredients in all four products, including raw coconut oil, which deeply moisturises and softens skin, monoï oil, which hydrates and pampers the skin, sweet almond oil, this helps to soothe and comfort the skin and vitamin E, which works as an excellent moisturiser and has anti-ageing qualities. I was lucky to receive the whole collection to try. Hand Cream I absolutely loved this Hand Cream because it made my hands feel very soft and smooth. Every time I used it my hands instantly felt nourished and moisturised. I have used hand creams in the past where I have applied it but still couldn’t feel much of a difference, however with this Hand Cream a little of this goes a very long way. The promise aspect of the 24 moisture on the packaging may be a slight exaggeration – but hours of moisture I would consider to be very accurate with this product! I have been using the product everyday for just over a month now and it still has not finished. Lastly, the product smells absolutely delicious and it is very distinctive. I can recall using it in my office and a colleague immediately grasped the delightful smell of coconut.

Body Oil This was my first time trying an oil based body product – I can say I loved it. Similarly with the Hand Cream I have been using this Body Oil for just over a month and I can already tell that it is not a product that would finish quickly. It gives my skin a smooth, silky and shiny finish and I believe that it would be perfect for anyone that has dry skin. With this product it is something that I would perhaps add to a body lotion I have, that is not moisturising enough. Sometimes I do use the Oil on my skin alone and I really like the finish of it. I am also very grateful that the product has a spray applicator that you can just press. Whereas, if the Palmer’s Coconut Body Oil came with an open bottle top the likelihood is that the product would spill everywhere. So the spray applicator is handy, because you can gauge how much is needed without pouring too much and consequently wasting the product.

Body Cream and Body Lotion I found the Body Cream soothing for my skin, but strangely I felt that the Hand Cream was slightly thicker in consistency, and hence more moisturising. But nevertheless it was still nourishing enough for my skin. Due to the current weather I did not find the Body Lotion as nourishing, so to combat this I would mix the Body Lotion with the Body Oil and then apply it to my skin. I wanted the maximum amount of moisture for my skin because of the cold weather which can make anyone’s skin very dry and rough. I felt like using that combination significantly helped. Nevertheless, both the Body Lotion and the Body Oil made my skin very soft.

Overall I loved using all four of these products. I like the packaging and the way that they stuck with the coconut theme in the design. I love fruity scented body products and this collection smells lovely. I would certainly buy it but most likely the Body Butter or the Lotion but not both.

Palmers Coconut Oil Hand Cream is priced at £2.49, the Body Oil at £7.00, the Body Cream at £5.00 and the Body Lotion is £4.00.

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