Browhaus Browgraphy Treatment

Eyebrows have been all the rage since last year and nothing has changed. I have been getting my eyebrows waxed or threaded for a good few years in different and recently have settled down to Benefit. I was offered a complimentary eyebrow wax treatment by Browhaus to try out their Browgraphy treatment which is a colour tweek, tweeze and thread.

Browhaus is a one-stop brow & lash grooming salon and the first and only concept store to specialise in these areas. They have stores all over the world and each store has their own unique concepts.

I was booked into the one in Holborn which is inspired by the Grand Budapest Hotel. I was greeted warmly by the staff and led to a quiet area. Now I switched over to waxing because I found threading too painful. With threading I have learnt that the more skilled the threader the less pain you will feel. 

I was in luck here because my threader, Charmaine was extremely skilled so I did not feel any pain. She was very quick too and struck the balance between being professional and friendly. 

Before we started she gave me a full consultation on my brows by balancing them and explaining areas that may need growing out. Then she started cleansing around my brow area with their own antibacterial cleanser from Singapore. Then she put petroleum jelly around my brow area (around the desired shape) using a cotton bud.  

After that she mixed up the colour and applied the tint to my skin. Normally I have it applied to just the hairs but I was told that this method was more long lasting. Once the tinting was finished she threaded my eyebrows using a antibacterial thread. After she used their in house cream (ice cream) which is a soothing cream to close the pores and calm down any redness with a one minute massage.

Browhaus  Browgraphy Shaping + Color Tweak Tweezing is priced at £16.00 and Thread + Tweeze at £18.00.

For more information, please visit their website.