Our Top Five Lip Oils

Forget about Lip Balms, it is all about Lip Oils. These products are lighter than Lip Balms, are less sticky and offer more moisture. They also come with a great applicator. 

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

This was the Lip Oil that kicked off the craze. Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil was released in 2015 and received a lot of attention from bloggers. This year they released four more shades to the collection. These Lip Oils have a slightly thick texture that moisturises your skin and adds a ton of sheen. This product is infused with all the power of plant oils to nourish and enhance your lips' natural beauty.

Priced at £19.00

GOSH Lip Oil

This is a nourishing Lip Oil infused with a blend of precious oils and natural Nordic super active ingredients such as Sea Buckthorn Oil to protect and nourish your lips plus Moringa, Argan, and Macadamia Oil to moisturise them. There are four shades in the collection which have a tined colour. The best way to use them is to apply them over your favourite lipstick for a more intense and nurturing result.

Priced at £7.49

Yes To Coconut Cooling Lip Oil

This is an intense lip moisturiser that adds a natural shine to your lips. It provides long lasting nourishment and softness. It quenches dry lips with decadent oils, that also cool while it moisturises. It is created with a number of oils such as Virgin Coconut, Olive, and cooling Eucalyptus.

Priced at £7.99

Zelens Lip Treatment Oil

If you are after a more luxurious Lip Oil then look no further than Zelens. This is a supreme age-defying lip treatment containing nine plant oils infused with powerful botanicals, vitamins, peptides and other anti-aging ingredients. It gives your lips instant moisture and protects them against environmental damage. It also helps to smooth and fill in fine lines and wrinkles while improving lip texture, plumpness and shape.

Priced at £40.00

HEMA Beautifying Lip Oil

This is a luxury oil that will moisturise your lips and make them extra soft. The product is made with a combination of argan and almond oil. Plus it is very purse friendly.

Priced at £5.50.

So there you have it, a guide Lip Oils that will keep your lips moisturised during all seasons.