Our Top Five Chocolate Brown Lipsticks


I have always had a love for chocolate brown lipsticks because it blends in very well with your skin tone plus it can be vamped up for an evening out or toned down for a cosy vibe. The problem is that finding the right shade of brown can be very hard - a lot of the so-called brown lipsticks have pinkish undertones or are a dark wine. Sometimes you have to search high and low to find the right shade of brown. We have put together our top five chocolate brown lipsticks. Tabla by MAC I first fell in love with chocolate lipstick when I discovered MAC and their lovely Tablet lipstick. It was a medium brown that was creamy which you could wear with or without a lip liner. For maximum use I would line my lips with a liner but a lot of time I would just pop it on when I needed some extra colour. This was my go to Lipstick ten years ago and I must have got through tons of these along with Shockolaite Lipgloss so I was gutted when they discontinued it but relieved to find the equally lovely, Tabla which is a darker shade but just as creamy and long lasting.

Priced at £15.50

Deep Mink by Tom Ford Not tried this lipstick but I have lots of good things about the brand. Tom Ford Lipsticks are not cheap - but if you are after a quality Lippie and have money to invest then why not indulge?

Priced at £37.00

Birkin Brown by Charlotte Tilbury I was introduced to Charlotte Tilbury when I went lipstick shopping with Alexandra, Tunrayo, Segun, Lynda and Andrea back in January. I fell deeply in love with Birkin Brown which is a nude brown that is perfect to wear with a smokey eye or for a slick of colour on the lips. It applies well and is very moisturising. Love it!

Priced at £23.00

Dark Chocolate by Bobbi Brown This is a sheer colour that gives your lips a shiny and glossy look. It is created with emollient shea butter and skin conditioners. The shade is as the title states, a dark chocolate which is quite cold. However the coverage is lovely and it glides on perfectly. If you are after a subtle hint of colour with some great moisture then this will do very nicely. This was so lovely that I wore it out.

Priced at £20.00

Chocolate Diva by Black Secrets Makeup I discovered this beauty at the launch for Black Secrets Makeup and I cannot wait to try it. It is a semi matte finish that is highly pigmented but at the same time it keeps your lips soft and supple.

Priced at £8.00