Our Hairdresser's Favourite Hair Products


As well as tending to our tresses, hairdressers are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to choosing which products are best to style and maintain your hair. So we decided to ask our favourite hairdressers which hair product has serving them well. Read all about our hairdresser's favourite hair products. Tracy Campbell is the head stylist at Radiant London Salon

My favourite hair product is Mizani 25 Miracle Milk. I’m always researching new products on the market and as we are official suppliers of Mizani, I saw it and gave it chance and I immediately loved it. I use it everyday; it’s perfect for my clients who are having a treatment because all you have to do is spray before blow-drying and it leaves the hair feeling soft and silky. It also reduces drying time on a wrap set so it’s definitely my everyday must use product.

Rita Alcid is the founder of Ritz

My favourite product is Mythic Oil by L'Oréal which is a Nourishing Oil for all hair types. I found out about it through research. I use it whenever I need it - practically on every client hair. I use it for blow drying, moisturising and shine. I love this product as it has multi uses. This nourishing oil can be used on all hair types. I would definitely recommend it to my clients to use at least three times a week.

Abbey Osho is the owner of Salon A.B.V

The one product I'm loving at the moment is Design EssentialsHCO Leave-in Conditioner and Blowdrying Lotion. I came across this product through one of my supplies and various write ups. I like it because of its dual action and the fact that it works great on both natural and relaxed hair. I would recommend that clients use this regularly as part of their wash regime. It is great to refresh dry and dehydrated hair and works great on children's hair.

Subrina Kidd is a stylist at The Collective

Aveda Dry Remedy Shampoo, Conditioner and Moisturising Oil is the range I love because it instantly hydrates your hair. I was first introduced to the range when I was 19 years old and fell in love with it. I use the products dependent on how dry the hair feels, however I'd recommend daily to weekly use of the Shampoo and Conditioner. The Dry Remedy Oil can be used daily on damp or dry hair. It contains a combination of buriti oil, pomegranate and palm derived conditioners which inject intense moisture to the driest of hair leaving it soft, supple and tangible. What I love about the Dry Remedy range is how instant the results are and how easy it makes for detangling. The Dry Remedy Oil is small but mighty. I love that it is 99.9% naturally derived, lightweight and penetrates without leaving a greasy residue. It's my miracle styling weapon.

So there you are - some highly recommended products by the people who are in the know.