Our Favourite Beauty Podcasts

You cannot deny that podcasts are the hottest thing since sliced bread. Everyone and every brand seems to have one - from topics such as gardening to celebrity gossip there is a podcast for everyone. There are also several beauty podcasts on the market and we have put together a list of our favourite beauty podcasts.

The Texture Lounge

This new podcast is created by Tumi Soyinka, who is the marketing boss lady for MIZANI in the US, So she knows what she is talking about. It features entrepreneurial women who rock textured hair, from talented hair stylists, to high profile ladies - they will be sharing their experiences from going natural to transitioning to creating drop dead gorgeous styles.

The Emma Gunns Show

Journalist, Emma Gunavardhana launched her podcast last year and it has been a huge success. Anyone who is anyone has been featured on it. From Sali J Hughes, Marcia Kilgore to Jo Elvin and Leona Lewis - Emma has had the good and great on her podcast. This is one of our favourite podcasts because Emma really goes in and gets the nitty gritty out of her guests which makes for some serious entertaining listening. 

Full Coverage

This is a podcast by Lindsey Kelk aka author of the I Heart series and makeup artist, Harriet Hadfield. They talk about the latest in beauty releases and cover their favourite products. We like this podcast because they go into a lot of detail about the products they talk about so you pick up some good tips. Also it's very refreshing to get a consumer and expert point of view.

Breaking Beauty

Magazine beauty editors, Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins interview players in the beauty industry and discuss how they made their way through the industry. So far they have featured the founder of Caudalie, and Fresh.

Scandalous Beauty - Erin Baynham

We have been following Erin Baynham since she was blogging about beauty, Now many years later she has her own beauty podcast. She covers makeup tips for beginners and features influential people in the beauty industry, 

Beauty Talk with Denise & anice Tunnell

These lovely MUAs talk to the people who really make the beauty industry tick over about the latest trends in the scene. From manicurists, to hairdressers, MUAs and facialists - they all have their say on their intake on the beauty scene. 

Fat Mascara

This is a dynamic blend of beauty news, launches and interviews from beauty editors, Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein who share their experiences while they navigate the beauty scene. They also bring in the experts to share their beauty tips and advice. I really love listening to this as Jessica and Jennifer are such fun to listen to and have a great sense of humour. Their interviews demonstrates their passion for the industry as well as their undeniable knowledge. A true example is their interview on textured hair with Ursula Stephen, the lady who reinvented Rihanna with that bob back in 2007. 

Simple Beauty Natural

Asa Nasir, founder of Simply Beauty Naturals covers a variety of beauty issues that affect us from inside and out. Topics such as body image, self esteem, vegan beauty products, anti-acing and how beauty products treat Women of Colour.

So there you have a great list of podcasts so get listening.