Origins Three-Part Harmony


The newest range from Origins is Three-Part Harmony. This range has been developed for women over fifty years of age to address the impact of hormonal changes (peri menopause and menopause on the skin). With the decrease in oestrogen levels, many women experience dry skin. The Three-Part Harmony is a shea butter based cream, it is rich but has a light texture that isn’t at all heavy on the skin. There are some really interesting ingredients in this product; Japanese Knotweed. Yes, the plant that is the scourge of homeowners up and down the country has skincare benefits. Namely ingredient of the year, resveratrol (also found in grapes). It also have Vitamin C (Antioxidant) Licorice extract, and apple extract. This product works not only on lines and wrinkles but firmness and pigmentation. Three-Part Harmony is part of the trend for ageless products which are steering away from outdated anti ageing messaging, instead it promotes looking your best for you rather than giving an unrealistic goal of youth for users of the cream.

Despite my combination skin, I am a big fan of this cream. The older I get the more I appreciate a rich texture. For me, this is definitely a night cream or a working from home cream but in colder weather I would definitely use it twice a day. It leaves the skin moisturised and plump but not greasy. Nourishing is a good name for this cream - as well as the hydrating properties and a subtle botanical fragrance my skin was radiant and dewy.

Origins has recently gone through a bit of a rebrand and I am a fan of the paired back, wood effect on the box and the lid of the jar. If you are young and combo / oil this is not for you but if you have dry skin, appreciate this cream.

Origins Three Part Harmony is priced at £60.00.

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