Origins Ritualitea Range


lifestyle brand Origins has gone crazy for tea, specifically Green Tea, or Matcha which has a high level of anti-oxidants which protect the skin from free radicals.  With inspiration from East Asia, the ritual is as important as the application. The Mixing Tool and Mixing Bowl make the range gift-able but they are not requirements to carry out the ritual. The range is called Ritualitea and consists of Revitalising Powder Face Mask otherwise known as Matcha Madness, Powder Mask Mixing Bowl, Powder Mask Mixing Tool and Revitalizing Cleansing Body Mask with Matcha And Green Tea. The instructions are that you mix the mask with water, apply to your skin, let it dry and rinse it off. The tool is a plastic implement with a spoon at one end and a silicone spatula at the other. Use the spoon end to measure out the mask and the spatula end to mix the mask into a paste and apply it to your skin. The bowl that the paste is mixed in is lightweight grey plastic. The product rinses off and dries quickly and the implements help to make the tea ritual a ritual.

The mask is very finely milled with a gentle fragrance like all good tea has. In this case, it is lavender, patchouli and chamomile oils. The matcha is mixed with oat and sodium bicarbonate which makes it fizz, it also makes it slightly drying on the skin. Origins recommend two spoonfuls, but even with my large round face, one spoonful was more than enough. When rinsed off, your skin is clean and clear and ready for hydrating and nourishing products.

This was my first experience of using a body mask.  The texture of the Revitalizing Cleansing Body Mask with Matcha And Green Tea is very very thick. It is just as well that you use it in the bathroom because the product needs to melt a little in the tube before you apply it. Plus it takes a lot of effort to squeeze it out of the tube.

It is sugar scrub in a tube to all intents and purposes. The moisturising element is a coconut derivative and glycerine. You apply it to your wet skin, and either buff it in immediately as an exfoliator or apply it to your skin, step out of the shower to create a ‘mask’ effect and then step back into the shower and massage it in. I took the first approach and it didn't not have a tightening action on my skin so for me this product is purely for exfoliation.

The skin on my body is extremely dry. The exfoliating element was gentle so could be used a couple of times a week without damaging or scratching the skin. When you add water to the mask, it foams, which is weirdly satisfying. It also makes it much easier to rinse off but the foam element is drying on the skin. If you have dry or very dry skin I would not recommend it unless like you me are prepared to slather your body in an oil while your skin is still damp.

The Matcha Madness range for me is a bit gimmicky; the body mask does not tighten or remove toxins. It is just a body exfoliator so it does not deserve to be called a mask. Also there are more affordable versions available. The face mask is effective but the tool and bowl paraphernalia make it feel like a gimmick. There are other masks in the Origins range which I think work better, harder and faster. If you are an Origins fan you will enjoy the range but if you are a skincare buff these products are not for you.

Origins Ritualitea Matcha Madness is priced at £30.00, the Powder Mask Mixing Bowl and the Powder Mask Mixing Tool are £15.00 each and the Revitalizing Cleansing Body Mask with Matcha and Green Tea is £25.00.

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