Origins Maskimiser


Origins Maskimiser is a sprtiz that prepares your skin for the mask that will follow aka a pre-mask spritz. If you are not a skincare fanatic, you have probably switched off already but if you are still with me I can tell you more. The idea is that by giving your skin a boost of hydration and marine algae prior to applying to the mask so the action of the mask on your skin will be amplified. I am a skincare fanatic so the concept of the Maskimiser intrigued me. The water and glycerine base is enhanced with microalgae, green tea and cucumber. The microalgae is what Origins want you to focus on. Microalgae is microscopic algae that is found in freshwater and marine systems living in both the water column and sediment. It has a range of skincare benefits include stimulating collagen production, high levels of anti-oxidants and hydration. All things that are great for your skin.

The spritz has a light cucumber fragrance and you pat it into your skin before applying the mask. I am a huge fan of a spritz and I love my skincare but I can’t help but think that this is an unnecessary step. If you use a toner that has the same active ingredients as the Maskimiser, won’t you get the same effect? If anything wouldn’t it make more sense to have a post mask spritz to hydrate the skin after the mask and before your skincare? To replenish what has been lost especially if you are using a deep cleansing or exfoliating mask?

Yes, that’s what I though too, so that is how I use it - as a post mask spritz, but also as a general spritz stage in my skincare. It is a nice product but in my opinion not one that needs to be used specifically pre mask.

Origins Maskimiser is priced at £18.50.

For more information, please visit their website.