Origins High Potency Night-a- Mins


Origins’ High Potency Night-a- Mins is a mineral enriched renewal cream which is said to ‘help the slumber deprived wake up on the bright side of the bed’. Essentially, it is a powerful night cream which is enriched with ‘time-released resurfacers’, and a wealth of vitamins and minerals. I haven’t been catching as many z’s as much as I’d like lately and so the testing of Origins High Potency Night-a- Mins comes at a good time. This cream is pale yellow in colour, and possesses a medium thick consistency, although has the slippery feel of a typical body lotion. The cream is easy to blend into your skin without leaving an oily film or residue, or a greasy feeling. What I like most about this product is that it contains vitamins C, H and E, so I can skip the use of vitamin-fortified serums in my skincare routine since the High Potency Night-a-Mins Cream provides the short-term benefits of a radiant complexion, and the long-term benefits of intense moisturisation and nourished skin.

The mineral-enriched renewal cream contains a mild fragrance which is pleasant to have on your complexion. The cream performs exceptionally well - I use this mostly before bed, applying it liberally on my face, and wake up with a refreshed complexion that exhibits a glow and an ample amount of radiance, so much so that the use of a radiating primer under makeup seems defunct.

I have been using this cream for weeks and have noticed that my face appears more plump and less tired and dull, as a result of the minerals, vitamins and stellar moisturising ability. Because of all the benefits which the High Potency Night-a- Mins appears to be providing me, I have been using it as my day moisturising cream too, since it seems a shame to reserve it as a night cream only.

Origins High Potency Night-a-Mins is priced at £35.00.

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