Optimum PhytoCalm Collection

Superdrug’s Optimum PhytoCalm range is the latest collection that has been formulated from the High Street giant. There are three products in this collection: Bedtime Cleansing Balm, Midnight Moisture Mask and Anti Stress Sleepy Skin Oil Booster. The main ingredient in the range is Four O’clock Flower which has skin conditioning properties as well as anti-inflammatory benefits. Four O’clock Flower extracts also reduce stress hence the Optimum PhytoCalm collection is dedicated to evening skincare routines. 

The Bedtime Cleansing Balm promises brighter, smoother skin that is nourished and moisturised. It is a solid format that melts into an oil as it is massaged into my skin. The balm emulsified into a milky liquid when it comes into contact with water. It was easily removed with a muslin cloth or washed off with water with no oily residue left. It also gently removed the day’s residue from my skin.

The cleansing power of this balm is impressive, it works great as a makeup remover and it didn’t strip my skin. When removing my makeup I always follow up with a second cleanser to ensure that excess sebum and dirt is thoroughly removed. My skin was left soft and comfortable. Whilst I really liked the cleanser, I am not a huge fan of the scent. I do not find it pleasant or particularly calming. 

The Midnight Moisture Mask is a creamy mask that left my skin moisturised and comfortable. It can be used as a leave on or rinse off, however I always rinsed it off after 20 mins. The mask was very gentle and left my skin looking brighter. I found the scent to be very pleasant and much nicer than the balm. The texture makes it easy to spread with a brush and I have experienced no irritation from it. It is perfect to use after the cleansing balm or any other face cleanser. 

The Anti-Stress Sleepy Skin Oil Booster can be used alone or mixed with a moisturiser before application. I used it alone, layered on top of serums and I have had no issues with that. It is a lightweight oil and feels comfortable on the skin, however I have found using a lot of drops (four drops) makes it feel heavy on the skin. It pairs well with serums and creams without piling’ I found the oil didn’t clog pores and even though I have normal to combination oily skin (more normal in the cooler months) it didn’t feel too ‘oily’ on my skin. In fact it left my skin feeling soft. 

Overall the new Optimum PhytoCalm is a great collection; the cleanser and mask are definitely my favourites out of the three. The cleanser is gentle and effective against daily grime and the mask adds moisture to the skin. I have experienced no irritation from all three products and they work well together, on their own or with other products. 

Bedtime Cleansing Balm is priced at £9.99, the Midnight Moisture Mask and Anti Stress Sleepy Skin Oil Booster are both £12.99 each.

For more information, please visit their website.