OPI Washington DC Collection Fall/Winter 2016

Last year Kerry Washington teamed up with OPI to become the brand’s creative ambassador, and created the OPI Washington DC Collection, which is a range of beautiful nail polishes to suit all. The star of Scandal has once again stepped into the realm of beauty and developed a host of gorgeous shades from deep grey to vibrant pinks, which are wearable for many occasions. 

If you are unfamiliar with the OPI nail polishes, they are renowned for their quality, long lasting formulas as well as their vast range of shades to suit all skin tones. I was personally excited to hear that Kerry Washington was collaborating with OPI, as she is a #brownbeauty who certainly knows style and most importantly what colours work for deeper skin tones.

The first thing I noticed when I received the box of OPI polishes, was the richness of each shade and how well they complimented darker skin tones. So let’s take a look at each of the shades: 

The first set of three polishes I want to talk about are the lightest shades I received. Freedom of Peach (an orange peach tone), Inside the Isabelletway (a warm tone milk chocolate brown)and Yank My Doodle (a red tone warm brown). 

These are what I would call a more neutral shade for deeper skin tones. If you are one that loves that ‘nude’ look, then these are the polishes you need to go for. Of the three, Inside the Isabelletway is probably the streakiest on application, but all of the OPI polishes need at least two coats of polish for full opacity. Their wear time is between three to five days. The Freedom of Peach shade seems to show the white and peach colours in the bottle, so it definitely requires a lot of shaking before using. 

The next set of three polishes are the more colourful vibrant shades. We The Female (a deep bold red with a slight brown undertone), Kerry Blossom (a deep purple shade) and Madam President (a deep but vibrant pink). 

These are shades I would normally avoid as I would typically expect them to be too vibrant for me. However, I love the fact that these are more deep tones, which balances out the vibrancy of each colour. The most opaque of the three is Madam President

The next set of three polishes are the green and blue shades. Stay Off the Lawn! (a deep tealgreen), Suzi – The First Lady of Nails (a khaki green) and CIA = Color is Awesome (a navy blue shade). These shades are beautiful dark colourful tones. I personally do not have shades like these in my collection. I found that these shades are great for going out in the evening, but also work well as everyday shades. 

The final set of polishes I’m showing you are two of the darkest shades in the collection. “Liv” In the Gray (a dark grey shade) and Shh… It’s Top Secret! (a very dark purple / brown – almost black shade). Again these are gorgeous dark shades, they are very wearable, but not your typical dark hues. The darkest shade Shh… It’s Top Secret! is the most opaque of the two. 

Each polish from the OPI Washington DC Collection Fall/Winter 2016 is priced at £12.50. 

For more information, please visit the OPI website.